DSLR VS SLR Camera: A Detailed Comparison & Interesting Facts You Must Know

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Cameras have always played an important part in your life and are an important medium to capture memories or anything that interests you. To cater to this need there are a million range of camera brands available in the market today that differ in cost as well as quality.

Now speaking about the quality, most of you would say that the DSLR or the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is a much preferred one over the SLR or Single Lens Reflex camera.

And hence, in the following article we have tried to give a brief about all important DSLR vs SLR comparisons which we believe is surely going to give you enough insights in how a DSLR is different from an SLR, and which can work for you the best and which one may not.

SLR And Its Functions:

An SLR or a Single Lens Reflex camera is an analog camera which before DSLRs came into being had been quite common and popular. The mechanism of an SLR camera is quite simple when compared to its counterpart which is today is obviously the DSLR camera.

Basically, an SLR camera uses a single lens system and hence the name single lens reflex and consists of a prism and mirror which allows the photographer to see through the lens to compose whatever they want to capture. 

The usage of an SLR camera it seems is much hassle free as when compared to that of a DSLR. All that a photographer needs to do is just press the shutter button usually situated on the camera head and a very simple mechanism starts acting where the camera mirror flips to release the sensor along with providing an adequate amount of exposure to the image to be captured.

DSLR And Its Functions:

A DSLR or a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is much more advanced when compared to its counterpart, the SLR. The DSLR gives a much higher digitalized and good quality image as compared to SLR cameras.

The mechanism of a DSLR camera again is much more complex in nature and requires a lot of expertise in order to capture a good quality image with the various use and help of features available with the camera. Some of the very common and important features of a DSLR camera are as follows:

The lens

The lens is one of the most important part of the camera and helps to capture a subject in frame with the best possible quality. A lens is basically used for zooming in and out from the camera frame and maintain a proper focus so that the image is of a good quality with the correct composition.

The Aperture

The aperture is a hole in the lens which allows for light to pass through the diaphragm. An aperture consists of various f-stops which would determine the exposure of the image and generally ranges from 1 to 16.

Image Sensor

An image sensor converts the image from digital signals to electronic signals to be sent to the memory card.


The body of a DSLR camera is much heavier as compared to the SLR which is lightweight and can easily be carried in a pocket. And often to bear the heavyweight of the camera there are specific camera bags available for the DSLR and with the tripod it becomes all the more cumbersome to carry a DSLR camera.

A Brief Comparison Between DSLR & SLR

Now let’s make a clear comparison in between the two cameras so that you can decide which is the best among the two:


  • A DSLR refers to a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera.
  • A DSLR uses digital image processing system.
  • With more advanced DSLRs coming into the market , the cost of the DSLRs are getting more expensive.
  • The mechanism of DSLR is really complex and requires high expertise to operate them.
  • A DSLR gives the best quality image with a proper exposure maintained.

  • An SLR refers to a Single Lens reflex Camera.
  • An SLR uses an analog image processing system.
  • SLR cameras are not much available nowadays and if at all it is, they are easily affordable at best prices.
  • The mechanism of a SLR is not that difficult and any lay man without experience too can easily operate them.
  • Image quality may not be that perfect with an SLR and results may vary.

To conclude, both the cameras are best in their own respective terms and its upto you to choose the best among the two according to your needs and requirements.