How To fix DStv Error Code e143-4?

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Last Updated on December 9, 2022
DStv Error Code e143-4

A DStv cable requires a connection with different decoders. The extra view decoder or the triple view decoder is called the master decoder and all the other decoders connected to it are slave decoders.

The slave decoders need to contact the master decoder to get permission to work. 

In terms of the DStv e143-4 error, the master decoder will not receive any signal from the secondary decoders.

This can also show up when the master decoder does not authorize the slave decoders to function.

We will discuss the different reasons for this and how to get rid of the error code in the next section.

Let’s get into it and get the connection stabilized. 

How to solve the error code e143-4 on DStv?

The error code is a determinant of the connection issue with the decoders set up for the DStv connection.

Here are the ways that you can fix this error and get back the connection.

Fix 1: Check the cable connections

The primary decoder is connected to all the other decoders through wires and it is very important to make sure that these wires are connected firmly.

If the wires are loose or have a bend in them, the connection will not be secure and hence no signal will pass through.

Check for the breaks in the wires too. Sometimes, people connect the wires carelessly and they end up breaking.

This will not only affect the connection but there is also a risk of electrocution or fire. Make sure that you connect the wires properly as well as also install a cable protector for the safety of the wiring.

Fix 2: The installation of equipment was not optimal

If you have just connected the equipment to the TV and are facing the error, this might mean that the installation was not proper.

The connections of all the secondary decoders to the primary or master decoder should be perfect in order for communication to occur.

If you feel like this is the issue, you might need to get a fresh installation.

Fix 3: A minor glitch in the decoder

Sometimes, there is no reason for the decoder to not work but there is a minor glitch. This can be solved by power cycling the decoder.

Just disconnect all the wires from the decoder after switching it off, wait for a few minutes and reconnect the wires to start the decoder again.

This might solve the minor bugs in the decoder and the connection might be established again.

Fix 4: Heartbeat loss in the decoder

The heartbeat in the decoder might not be received properly. This might be the issue with the decoder connection.

You can fix this by checking the settings of the decoder if the heartbeat is being received. You can check this in the primary decoder settings.

You will need to call in a technician to solve this issue.

Fix 5: Contact the support team at DStv

This is mostly a technical issue with the installation of the decoders in the connection circuit of DStv.

It is best to contact the support team at DStv to ask them for technical help if none of the solutions listed above have worked for you.

They will send in a technician with the proper tools or let you know the steps for troubleshooting the issue if it is possible remotely.

To conclude

The error code e143-4 on DStv is an issue related to the decoder of the DStv mechanism.

The signals might be interrupted due to incorrect installation, or wiring issues. We have mentioned the issues as well as the solutions for the issues. 

We hope that this was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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