How To Fix DStv Now Video Authorization Error?

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DStv Now Video Authorization Error

The online streaming service offered by the DStv network is called DStv now. The service is relatively new and some bugs need to be fixed.

These bugs show up in the form of various errors on the platform.

In this article, we will discuss the Video authorization error DStv now.  As the name of the error code already suggests this is an error that is related to playing a certain video on your DStv Now service.

We will discuss the common issues that cause this error and how to get rid of the error code easily.

Let’s get into it in the following section where we discuss the solutions.

How to solve the video authorization error on DStv now?

There are not many reasons for this error code to show up. Generally, this error code is a result of cache buildup on the app.

However, we will discuss the different possibilities for the same in this section so that nothing gets overlooked.

Fix 1: Clear the app cache

The official support team has suggested this solution as the first thing on the app when you face this error code.

Here is how you can solve the error code by clearing the cache data on your device.

  • Launch the device settings menu
  • Click on the Applications option
  • Click on the option Manage Applications
  • Select the DStv Now app from the list of apps on your device
  • Now click on the option for clearing the app cache and data
  • Reboot your device and then launch the app again to try.

In most cases, this should solve your issue and the app will return to full functionality. If it does not help, there are a couple more solutions that can help.

Fix 2: Are you using a VPN?

Using a Virtual Private Network is a common occurrence these days. People use this for anonymity and increased security on the device.

However, certain apps and programs do not function well with a VPN in function. These are the apps that usually run on subscription models and confirming your identity as well as the location is essential for the program to prevent identity misuse.

If you are using a VPN on your device, try to disable the VPN and the background processes associated with the same before you try to launch the app again.

Fix 3: Check if the DStv server is down

In some cases, the error does not lie with the device or the app but the server is at fault instead.

If the server has crashed or is taken down for maintenance, then you might sometimes get random errors.

The video authorization error can also be a result of server downtime. Check the status of the DStv server easily through a dow detector website on the internet.

These websites operate based on user inputs to generate accurate downtime reports. 

If the server is down, exit the app and visit later when the server goes back up.

Fix 4: Contact the DStv support

If none of these seems to be your solution, you can contact the DStv support team. You can either do this by calling them on their helpline or you can also choose to connect with them on Twitter.

User forums are also helpful places for getting meaningful advice on the issues like these.

To conclude

The video authorization error on DStv Now app is not an error with many explanations. There are only a couple of fixes that you can try for this error code and they work in almost all cases.

We have mentioned those solutions for you in this blog. We hope that this was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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