How To Fix EA App Error Code EC 203?

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EA App Error Code EC 203

The error code EC 203 occurs with the EA App while launching a game. In simple terms when the users try to launch the game they are stuck on a loading loop and get this error code. And even sometimes the error says “game is already running”.

If you are also experiencing the error code EC 203 with the EA app then below in this you can find possible workarounds.

EA App Error Code EC 203

How To Fix EA App Error Code EC 203?

Fix 1: Disconnected The Controller From The PC

This workaround was shared on Reddit. You just need to disconnect your controller from the PC.

And once the controller is disconnected from the PC then try starting the game.

Try and check if it helps you resolve the error or not.

Fix 2: Reinstalled EA Store

If the error still persists even after trying the above workaround then you should try reinstalling the EA store.

Simply uninstall the EA store and then restart the device. After that reinstall the EA store.

Fix 3: Some Other Workarounds

  • If the error still occurs then you should try restarting the app, and then check for the error.
  • You can also try clearing the EA app cache file and then try restarting the game.

Fix 4: Check EA Server Status

If the error still continues then you should Check EA Server Status.

If EA servers are going through maintenance or any kind of outage then you should wait till things get back to normal.

To check the EA server status you can visit the below-given links.

Fix 5: Contact EA Support

If in case there is no information about any server outage or maintenance but you continue to receive the error then you should get in touch with EA Support to get further help.

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