How To Fix EDD (Employment Development Department) error code ax009001?

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EDD Error Code Ax009001

EDD error code AX009001 mainly occurs during peak hours because of too much load on the server. So to get rid of this error users should wait and try to access the website after every 10 to 15 minutes.

Possible Reasons For EDD error code ax009001

As I mentioned above that the main reason behind this error is the server load, but sometimes some other things can also cause this issue. So we are mentioning all the possible reasons behind the error.

  • There is too much load on the EDD server.
  • You have entered the wrong details.
  • You didn’t enter any of the required information.

How To Fix EDD error code AX009001?

Fix 1: Refresh Browser

As you may know now that this error mainly occurs because of the server issue so refresh your browser continually for some minutes.

Our recommendation will be to come back every 5 to 10 minutes.

Fix 2: Check If Your Entered Information Is Incorrect

If you miss entering any of the required information, or if you may have entered any of the information incorrectly. In such case, you may also get this error so double-check every information and then proceed.

Fix 3: Relaunch The Browser Or Try An Alternate Browser

  • Quit the EDD website.
  • Close your browser.
  • Then wait for around 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Then relaunch the browser and EDD website to check if it fixes the issue or not.

If relaunching the browser not helping with the issue then try using an alternate browser to check if it does the trick or not.

Note: Please make sure that the browser you are using is updated with the latest version if not then consider updating it then try using EDD.

Fix 4: Check If Your Have Blocked Cookies For EDD

If in case you have blocked the EDD cookies then you may encounter this issue.

Below we are explaining the steps to check if you have enabled or diabled the cookies for the EDD website. If in case you are using any other browser than chrome then depending upon your browser you can google the steps to check cookies for any website.

  • Open EDD website URL.
  • Tap on the lock icon from just before the EDD website URL.
  • Now check if you have enabled cookies for EDD or not. If not then please consider enabling it.

Fix 5: Try Next Day

As I said this is a very common error for EDD during peak hours, and this error can last for hours. This means that no matter what you do, you will still get the error.

So we will recommend you to avoid the peak hours if no troubleshooting is helping you. Meanwhile, you can contact EDD support, and report the issue.

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