How To Fix Spectrum error code: stmtinfo?

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This is a Spectrum error code. It is faced by the users that use Spectrum connections for their communication.

Different devices on the internet use different codes to communicate the errors they might be facing. These error codes are difficult to understand for a layperson; this is when people reach over to the internet for advice on getting rid of the errors they do not even understand.

Spectrum error stmtinfo pops up when users are trying to watch TV. The server tries to identify the account information but fails. Many users on the internet have reported this error when they try to watch TV through a Spectrum connection. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the error code: stmtinfo.

What are the problems that could lead to this error and what solutions can be applied so that this does not happen again and you can enjoy uninterrupted TV?

All of this and more are in the following sections of this article.

Why error code: stmtinfo Is Occurring?

As we already know that the error crops up when your server tries to get the information about your account and fails. In return, you are not able to use your TV services.

Let us see what is making your server fail to get this information in the first place.

Reason 1: Poor internet connection

The most important thing to get information from the servers is to have a reliable connection.

If the internet connection is weak, you cannot blame the server for failing to update the information.

Reason 2: Have you entered the right information?

You need to enter the right username and password to get access to your Spectrum account and enjoy TV. 

We know that you are pretty sure that you are smart enough to enter the right credentials and we agree but occasionally, even geniuses make errors, so check the username and password once again just to err on the side of caution.

Reason 3: Broken cords

The cords connected to the TV might be broken or loose. This can cause the connection to dip and hence, the TV will not be able to get the information from the servers.

This is also a situation when you will see the error stmtinfo.

Reason 4: The TV box is not receiving enough power

The cable box that you receive with the Spectrum connection, might not be receiving enough power and that will lead to initialization issues.

In this case, you will need to ensure that the TV box receives enough power so that the box can form a connection.

Reason 5: Other hardware issues

There might be some issues that are in the hardware aspect of the box. There might also be some serious software problems that are beyond the range of a person with no technical knowledge.

In this case, you will have to employ a professional’s help to get the connection back.

How To Fix error code: stmtinfo?

We have discussed all the aspects that can cause the Spectrum connection to fail. To get your interrupted Tv services back on track, let us see what can be done on your end.

Fix 1: Connection Problems

We have discussed the importance of a reliable internet connection to get the Spectrum TV to work. 

When you see that the TV is signaling to you that it cannot get information from the servers, then the first thing that comes to mind is, that the TV is having connection problems.

Check that all the connecting cables to your router are secure and the router is receiving enough power.

Check if other devices connected to the same router are working properly.

Then check if the router has anything in the path leading to the TV. radio operated devices like Microwave and radios can interrupt the connection.

If you find that the router is at fault, there are many things you can try to get it back to service.

  • Restart the router
  • Replace the broken cables and connect the new cables securely.
  • Remove any objects from the path leading to the TV that can interrupt the signal.
  • Reset the router.
  • Contact the support in case of serious issues.

Fix 2: Check the Credentials

Even though we know, this is a solution that you might have already tried, it is important that you consider it once again with no reservations in mind.

It is very common that the users misplace a single word on the username or password and then the account does not get verified. This is when you should erase the entered credentials and input them again carefully.

After you have tried this option, you can try the other options.

Fix 3: Broken Cables

After seraching every nook and corner of the internet for technocal solutions, we have reached the result that people really underestimate the importance of cables.

Cables are responsible for forming a secure connection between devices and even if the devices are working. 

Faced with a conncection problem. Always pay attention to the cables that are connected to the box. If you find any cable to be loose, attach them securely.

If you see the cable in an awkward position where it is twisted and can be broken, connect them securely and also invest in a cord protector.

Power Cycle The Box

If you are regularly facing connection problems, then you should try resetting the box. This process is also called power cycling.

Here is how you can do it.

  • Switch off the TV box.
  • Remove all the cables from the box.
  • Wait for at least 10 minutes but the recommended option is to wait at least half an hour if you can.
  • Connect all the cables to the box once again.
  • Switch on the TV box.

Fix 4: Reset the box

There is also a dedicated reset button on the cable box and you can opt for a hard reset when none of the other solutions have worked for you.

However, you need to keep in mind that this option will lead to the deletion of all your preferences and the factory settings will be restored.

  • Locate the reset button on the Spectrum receiver
  • Press the button and hold for thirty seconds
  • The box will now reset.

#: Reset through the Spectrum app

There is a Soectrum app that you can download to manage your Spectrum devices. This app can also be used to troubleshoot and solve the problems that you may have with the Spectrum receiver.

Here is how to do it in easy steps

  • Launch the My Spectrum app
  • Log in with the correct credentials.
  • Locate the Services option. Click on Services
  • Now click on TV
  • Find and click on the “Experiencing issues?” option
  • Now you will receive instructions on how to reset the box
  • Follow the instructions and the box will be reset.

#: Reset online

If you do not have the My Spectrum app, then you can also reset the box by going onto the official website.

Here is how to do that in easy steps.

  • Go to the official website for Spectrum
  • Log in to your Spectrum account with the correct credentials.
  • Click on the Services tab
  • Then click on TV
  • Now click on the “experiencing issues?” option
  • Click on the Reset Equipment option.
  • The box will now reset.

Contact support

When none of the solutions listed above work for you, your best bet is contacting the customer support line at Spectrum. 

The customer support line is trains to provide you with solutions on the issues like this and they can guide you with the exact solution that you need according to the problem you are facing.


The error code stmtinfo on the Spectrum receiver, is not a very alarming issue and can be solved with easy solutions. There are sometimes rare cases when there is a serious hardware issue. In these rare cases, you should not try to mess with the hardware and let the professionals handle it for you. 

We hope that the solutions were helpful and you did get the TV on and running. Keep following for more updates on technology problems and their solutions.

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