How To fix ESPN error code 321?

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ESPN Error Code 321

It is a rare occurrence these days that something that you could only watch on TV can now not be accessed online.

So many apps and platforms have emerged in the market catering to different platforms.

If you are a gaming platform buff, chances are that you also are a frequent visitor at ESPN. it is not always uninterrupted streaming though. 

There are some common errors on the platform that users face from time to time.

One such error is ESPN error code 321.

The ESPN error code 321 is a LIVE TV streaming interruption and if you are on this page, you will get rid of it in no time through our suggested fixes.

Let’s discuss the different solutions in the next section.

How can you get rid of the error code 321 on ESPN?

The error code 321 is a very frustrating thing to encounter when you are anticipating an exciting moment in some match and the LIVE stream just stalls.

There are various fixes suggested by the official support as well as the user forums and we will discuss them in this section.

Fix 1: Try switching the internet browser

The internet browser needs to be compatible with the platform that you are using. Sometimes, ESPN does not cooperate with certain internet browsers.

When you first face this error code, check if you can access the Live stream on a different browser.

If this solves your problem, you can use the other browser in the future to avoid this issue.

Fix 2: Adobe Flash Player issue

The ESPN Live stream is heavily reliant on the Adobe Flash Player for the playback on your device.

There might be some issues with the Adobe Flash Player version that your device uses. You can either update the flash player to the latest version or delete and reinstall the player from scratch.

This can be helpful in solving the flash player issue.

Fix 3: Check your internet connection

A Live stream needs a more stable internet connection than other pre-recorded content that has time to download before you play.

When you face this error code, you can check your internet speed. If it is not sufficient then you need to solve the internet issue before anything.

Fix 4: Check the ESPN server

If the ESPN server is crowded, then the network congestion can cause the server to crash. In this case, it may sound unfortunate but nothing can be done except waiting for the developmental team to fix the server.

This is a wait and watch kind of thing but you can be assured that one of the best technical teams will be working with all their resources to get the server back up in these cases.

Fix 5: Contact the customer support team

The customer support team at ESPN is your one and only last shot when you cannot get rid of the error code through any of the above-suggested solutions.

They will tell you wif the issue is on your end and what you can do to eliminate the issue if your device or connection is the problem.

To conclude

The error code 321 on ESPN is a streaming error. This affects the LIVE TV aspect of the platform.

We have suggested the fixes that have helped other users get the streaming back. Hopefully, one of these will hit the bull’s eye for you too.

Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy streaming!!

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