How To Fix Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009?

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How To Fix Excelsior Pass Error Code 7009?

While using Excelsior pass PLUS, you may come across the Error Code 7009. If that is the case and is the reason why you are out here reading the following article on, “How to fix Excelsior pass error code 7009?”. You should be able to find the solution you have been looking for.

Now, usually what most users have reported is that the following Excelsior pass error code 7009 is usually more prevalent in the Plus version of the Excelsior pass, rather than the normal version of the pass. 

Hence, it would not be wrong to assume that the problem mainly arises as a bug in the Plus version of Excelsior.

Moreover, many users have also reported that while using the Plus version of Excelsior pass, the problem mainly occurs with accounts belonging to the age groups 5 to 11. So, if you are using the Plus version to view your 5 – 11 year old kid’s vaccination details and see the following error.

Then, there is actually nothing to worry, as there is an easy walk around it and you can use it exactly the same as would have done in Excelsior pass plus.

fixes For Excelsior pass error code 7009

Since, the 7009 error code in Excelsior pass is primarily an outcome of a bug at the server side itself.

There is actually nothing much you can do at your own end to fix it permanently. There are no troubleshoots which are known as well as no hacks which can be made use of to get rid of the error. 

Hence, the only two options you have got with yourself is to either wait for the bug(s) to get fixed at the developer’s end itself.

Or, instead of using the Excelsior Pass Plus version, try using the Excelsior regular pass. Atleast, till the time the bugs get fixed and you can properly use the Plus version without any further trouble.

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