How To Fix F1TV airplay not working?

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F1TV airplay not working

If you are trying to screen cast or airplay the F1TV app onto your Apple TV screen with the help of your iPhone or iPad device, but are unable to do so due to the following F1TV airplay not working error. Then, chances are that it is being caused as a result of the following:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Compatibility issues
  • Configuration issues
  • Device firewall
  • Outdated Software or System Software

So, whenever you see the following error message. You can be more or less certain that it is being caused as a result of any one or two or in worst cases due to all of the above mentioned reasons.

Good news for you is that, here in the following article we will look at each of the reasons and come up with the desired solutions to fix these issues respectively and get rid of the error.

How To Fix F1TV airplay not working?

Fix 1: Check for connectivity issues

The very first and foremost thing you must check, when facing the following error message, would be to check the performance as well as the health of your internet connection.

There may be times when a loose wired connection or a damage to such wires can cause your internet connection to not work properly or become unstable from time to time. In such cases, it is hence required that you thoroughly check your connections for any loose wiring or damage, and fix it accordingly wherever needed. 

You should also check the speed of your internet connection, and if it is not up to the speed as promised by your ISP. Then, talk to them to provide you with a better connection or a better subscription plan.

Fix 2: Check your device and app compatibility

If your device and app are not compatible with each other. Then, such errors might come up more frequently than you would have expected. 

Hence, it is important that you check your device and app compatibility. And make the required and necessary changes to your device, so that both your device as well as the app are compatible with each other and work properly without giving rise to such error messages.

Fix 3: Configure your app and device properly

If you have recently changed your app settings or any device settings for that matter with respect to network or security changes. Then, such an error occurring after such a change might be directly connected to such changes made in either the app or device settings. 

In such cases, it is best that you try going back to the previous settings, when the app was working fine and see whether doing so helps take care of the error. 

If you do however want to go back to the newer settings which you had made earlier and want to keep it that way without having to see the following error message. Then, it would be a good idea to contact F1TV’s customer support and discuss the problem with them.

Fix 4: Temporarily Disable your Firewall

There may be times when your device’s firewall service or antivirus app might also be the one causing such an error to show up. If that is the case, then try temporarily disabling such an app or service, and see if doing so helps solve the error message. 

In this method, it is important to keep in mind that disabling your device’s firewall should only be done temporarily and should always be turned back on once you are done watching your favorite races on F1TV. 

You can keep up with this small walkaround for a while till the developers don’t pick out the problem and patch it up on their own. Here, you can also contact their customer support and point out the problem to them for their developers to note the problem and get it fixed at the earliest.

Fix 5: Update your Software and Firmwares

An outdated software or your system software can also most often play a major role in causing the following error to occur. 

And if that is what is causing the error message to show up in your case. Then, it is best that you try updating your F1TV app as well as your system software to see and check if doing so helps you fix the issue. 

If you are using a Samsung smart TV to Airplay F1TV. Then, to update your TV firmware, you can follow the steps as shown in the following guide by going to the following article here.

Similarly, even for other types or brands of smart TV. You can look up for the steps to updating their firmware online and do so accordingly to solve the particular issue arising from an outdated app or system firmware.

Fix 6: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above mentioned solutions work for you. Then, as a last resort you can try directly contacting F1TV or Apple’s App Store Customer Support, and ask them for their help in solving the following error. 

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