How To fix Facebook Error Code 100 While Login Through App On iPhone?

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Facebook Error Code 100

We have noticed that many iPhone users are getting the error code 100 while login to Facebook Through the App on iPhone or other IOS devices.

If you are also getting the same error then in this post we are going to share the possible workarounds to fix Facebook Error Code 100.

Possible Reasons For Facebook Error Code 100 While Login Through App On iPhone

It’s very hard to say whether this error is from the iPhone end or Facebook. But in one thread an iPhone support team member mentioned that this error is occurring from the Facebook end, and in order to fix the error we need to get in touch with Facebook.

How To Fix Facebook Error Code 100 While Login Through App On iPhone?

Whenever you get this error you should try the general solutions first such as restarting the phone, resetting the settings, and reinstalling the Facebook app.

If nothing works to solve the error then try login into Facebook from a desktop or phone browser.

We have found that most of the time users with this error are able to log in to their Facebook from a different device.

Meanwhile, to resolve the error completely we will suggest you report the error to Facebook Support and iPhone support.

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