Facebook Portal & Portal Plus Review, All You Need To Know About Device

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Facebook portal and portal plus are the two video calling device by the social networking king Facebook, the product sounds very much similar like Amazon Echo Show. The device will be ready for the shipment in November, still, they are just accepting the pre-booking.

It is the Alexa powered device for video chat which will give you an incredible video chat experience. According to Facebook, it is not like a normal video calling with your smartphone or laptop.

Video calling from Facebook portal and portal plus will look like you both are in the same room, means it will give you a realistic kind of video chatting experience.

Facebook Portal & Portal Plus Review

This time shipping is only available in the united states only, so this time only peoples from the united states can order and use it. But we can hope soon it will be ready to ship in other countries too.

This time Facebook is only taking the pre-booking, you can order it from the official website. Facebook make a dedicated website (subdomain) from where you can get every information about the product and can pre-book for yourself.

  1. Facebook portal will cost you $199
  2. Facebook portal plus will cost you $349

And if you pre-book two facebook portal at the same time, you can save 100$ and the two Facebook portal device will cost you only $298.

Facebook gives a 30 days return policy with the device if you are not satisfied with the device and then you can return it within 30 days of the purchase.

Facebook also provide you one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

The device is only available for shipment in the USA, and the shipment will be completely free of charge. you just need to pay only for the device.

Facebook portal comes with the 10-inch display (1200 x 800 in landscape)
Facebook portal plus come with the 15 inches of the display (1920 x 1080 in landscape)


Smart camera with advanced sound:

The camera will move and adjust according to your movement, so you do not need to fix the camera direction it will automatically recognize and adjust.

it is something interesting, suppose you are making something in the kitchen so you do not need to again and again fix the camera position. Do whatever you are doing, go here and there, and the camera will adjust by itself.

Much secure:

The device is completely private safe and secure. Today in the age of technology privacy is one of the biggest concern, so the device is developed very carefully to protect your privacy.

One tap solution; With the single tap you can turn off or on the camera and microphone. Even the device is having a camera cover too so you can easily put it on the lens to disable the camera.

Complete privacy:

Whatever you talk on portal devices, it is not listening or keep by Facebook. The conversation will be only between you and to the person to whom you are calling.

Today your conversations on messenger, WhatsApp or any other social networking site is not completely private. But this device is made to provide a chat area which will be completely private.

The device uses AL technology:

To secure your device and provide more security, the device uses AL Technology and it do not run on the Facebook server, instead of on your portal. So Facebook is having no control over the device.

Does not use facial recognization:

Portal device does not use facial recognization technology so it is not going to recognize your identity and give back the information to Facebook.

Only your voice command is stored on the Facebook server:

Facebook only keeps the voice commands by you. But it is up to you to keep it on the Facebook server or want to delete all the voice command history.

Chat with any messenger user:

It is not compulsory that a call can be only made between the two portal devices, so it is not required that person to whom you want to talk, he or she must have a portal device. Easily you can connect with peoples by Facebook Messenger.

You can use voice assistants and easily command by your voice to connect with your friends. And you can bring 6 people to a group video chat.

To make conversation much interesting the portal will let you use music, animation, effects during the call.

Portal And Portal Plus Review

The device comes with a built-in Alexa so you can do following things with it,

  • Ask question
  • Set timer
  • Make your shopping list
  • Can control your Smart home and much more

You can also enjoy music, videos, news, and much more,

You can easily show your Facebook pictures and videos on the video call while you are not available on the call.

The device also reminds you about your friend and families’ birthday.

The portal device also contain a very powerful speaker where you can play your favorite music.

Some Quick FQS Abour Portal & Portal Plus

Type Of privacy control used by the portal?

  • Disable or enable camera and microphone with a single tap.
  • if the camera is off it will show the red light
  • Also, contain a camera cover so you can cover the lens. Now you can use it for normal incoming calls and other works.
  • The screen can be locked by the password and to change the password you need your Facebook account credential.

How much camera and microphone is secured?

The camera and microphone is completely secured and provide a high level of security. As you will tap the button it completely disables your camera and microphone. It will not be turned on until you press the button again. Till the camera is off it will show a red light sign which indicates that the camera and microphone are not working.

What do you mean by the smart camera?

The device camera is designed with a smart Technology which made it smart. It follows your action and adjusts to your direction by itself. It automatically adjust all of the people the frame. So you can do your work while calling but with normal video calls by phones and laptop, it is not possible, every time you have to adjust the camera position.

Even the camera Does not have a facial recognization, so your identity is completely safe it is not going to be recognized and shared with Facebook. Even AL Technology which is used by the camera runs locally on your portal device, not on the Facebook server.

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