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I am pretty sure that all of you who are here, already have a good idea of what “Factions” are or at least mean when we refer to it in general terms. However, if you are completely Greek to both the term as well as what it actually means, then I guess a little intro about Factions would not do any harm.

So basically, “Factions” according to the more conventional definition refers to a small group mainly of people who are organized and comprise of a certain hierarchy of power distributed between them.

Now mostly these groups are a part of a bigger group or kingdom when you look at it from historical point of view. The concept of ‘faction’, I would say in many ways is quite similar to that of a ‘clan’ in a tribal system of administration. 

And hence, very similarly even in the case of Minecraft too we have Factions and in the following post I am early looking forward to disclose to you everything there is to know about “Factions in Minecraft” as well as a thorough “Player Guide” to help you on your journey to become one of the greatest factions in Minecraft.

Here, I will be listing as well as covering it all, from how Factions plugin has become one of the most installed and played plugins, to why it is one of the most exciting plugins to play, to how can you go on creating your own factions as well as hold your control over a realm. You can expect to find it all here. So, simply relax and have fun with the detailed “Overview” and “player guide” that comes along with it.

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A Detailed Overview On Minecraft Factions

After we have seen what factions mean more or less, I guess next up we can look into as well as discuss how and in what way do “Factions” play up in the world of Minecraft itself.

So, basically when we talk about Factions in Minecraft, it more or less revolves around you and other players teamed up to build a clan of your own and face other players who may or may not be a part of a clan or faction in order to gain power and eventually supremacy over other clans and in this way over the entire realm.

And it is not always fighting and killing over each others factions that plays a role in turning the game exciting and fun to play, there are other things too such as building bases, protecting your own bases as well as carry out raids over other faction bases which truly makes the game a whole lot intuitive and involving.

So, basically that is somewhat the crux of the entire Faction war thing going on inside Minecraft.

Now, the second most important question you must ask or even have is how do people go on attacking and looting other factions and players. Well, it is quite obvious that you will need to do all of that with the help of weapons as well enchantments.

Here, below I will be listing out as well as explaining each of the weapons as briefly as possible so that you know which weapon does what best and which would prove the best for you according to your needs.

  • Sword

The very first and fundamental weapon I would say is the sword. Here, a sword is primarily a melee weapon which means that if you want to use it for battle in close range than this is an ideal option for you. However, if you are planning for something above 3 blocks, then I guess there is some strong reconsideration to be done before you use it.

Now, although I have called the sword to be a fundamental weapon at the very beginning, it does not in any way mean that it is inferior than the rest of the weapons we are going to list out here today. Instead it is one of the most superior ones out there. Hence, I would say that it is a real keeper.

  • Axe

Next, if you are looking for something more powerful than a sword but at the same time can manage to be a bit slowed down while throwing an attack, then an Axe might do the charm for you. 

  • Bow

You might have already guessed what you could do with a Bow here, so I will not get into that. However, what I can get into is that when you have a Bow with you than a Sword may just look like merely a tool.

It is one of the most ideal choices for long range attacks and can shoot at a range of over 60 blocks. Hence, if you are looking for a weapon for defence in situations where you need to save your base from enemy raids afar, then a Bow may very well be the best choice for you.

  • Cross Bow

Now, if you have any idea about weapons in real life or know a thing or two about these weapons in the real physical world. Then you most probably will know that a Cross Bow in all length and width is a weapon superior to a Bow. Also, the other best part about the Cross Bow in case of Minecraft is that it can fire up to 3 shots on a single go.

Thus, if you are planning to have an efficient defence mechanism for your base, then a cross bow armed at defenders defending your base will sure do a fine job.

  • Trident

If you are looking for something which can be used to get both the jobs done like a long range attack as well as a shorter range melee attack, then I would say a Trident is the best weapon for the purpose.

And similar to any other trident you would have come across in many mythical stories, even in the case of Minecraft too, tridents can be used as spell casting weapons which are pretty impressive to use if you ask me.

  • Armor

Just like what any typical armor is meant to do, even in the case of armors that you get to put on in Minecraft, they are basically beneficial or useful for absorbing hits which your opponents may occur to you without mercy.

So, if you have an armor by your side, then taking in a few hits before you slay your opponent to the ground may seem like an ideal option.

  • Shields

If you like something a bit more upgraded or stronger than an armor, then ‘shields’ may just be the thing for you. Not only does it work best for melee attacks but can take in hits from even long ranged attacks as well.

Also, at times shields also provide good knock backs to opponents when confronted with melee attacks as well as ranged ones. Hence, if you ever fall into a dilemma where you just have a shield and no weapon, then if used skillfully a shield too may just be as impressive as any other war weapons.

At times, just merely having a weapon to harm may not win you a battle. There are times when you will need to create an advantage over the other using certain tools or medium. Even in the case of Minecraft too we have certain tools as such.

  • Ender Pearl – During a war, sometimes you just wish you could teleport from a low ground of disadvantage to a more higher ground of advantage. And hence, in case of Minecraft with the help of an Ender Pearl you could do just that. It gives you the ability to teleport from one location to the other simply by throwing it to the place you want to teleport yourself too.
  • Water Bucket – When ever you are looking forward to an escape from a heavy number of infantry rushing down your way, a means to slow them down can prove to be really crucial in a successful attempt to flee. With a water bucket you are just able to do so. Simply throw a water bucket at your enemy and see them slow down right in front of you. Also, in case of a fire mishap, a water bucket can be used too in order to extinguish it.
  • Lava Bucket – Quite similar to water buckets, when you need to slow down your enemies approach. But, can also be used primarily to cause heavy damage on enemies that possess a threat. 
  • Snowball – Similar to what we get to see in case of real life snow balls, in Minecraft too they can primarily be used to knock off opponents from cliffs or edges but without inflicting any damage when hit.


Well, you know what they say. Winning a war without having to shoot a single arrow is the most triumphant war. Similarly even in the case of Minecraft if you are able to use traps well, then winning a war without having to shoot a single arrow or loose a single member is all very possible.

All you need is a little bit of planning and correct timing, with the necessary tools of course to trap your opponents. And hence, to name a few traps and tools you can use in order to pin down your opponents may be: Redstones, End Crystals, Bed, TNT and Flint.

There are of course other tools too out there which I would suggest you to explore on your own as in the end exploring things on your own is exactly what makes the game even more fun and involving to play.

The Types Of Faction Wars Or War Strategies In Minecraft 

Here, we will just a brief look at the various ways or strategies you can imply to go on playing Minecraft Faction Wars in your won very fun way. All these strategies are pretty easy to understand and I am pretty sure does not need you to have any prior rocket science knowledge to figure out and implement on your own.

  • Sabotage

Just as the name itself might suggest, this is just the strategy to use, if you are considering ruining your enemy faction’s resources and artillery, so that you have them crippled even before the actual war starts.

For this to work all you need to do actually is join the enemy faction as a new recruit, make your way to their base and just when an opportunity arises like all moderators gone offline at the same time and then finally do your work i.e. loot what you need and destroy what you don’t.

  • Infiltration

If you think this is a fun task to do in Minecraft, I would say it actually is. Here you will need to infiltrate the enemy clan in a similar way you would have done in the case of the earlier Sabotage strategy.

However, here you do not need to go through any of the looting and destroying process but simply collect intel on your enemy clan’s base and send your actual faction just the details needed to carry out a successful seize over the base. 

  • Raiding

If you consider your faction more or less like those of the ferocious nomadic tribes of the east like the Huns and Mongols, looting your way and waging war just for fun, then Raiding is one such strategy which will not only make enemies bow to your will but instill fear in every other factions nearby who would dare to go up against your wrath.

However, to do so you will of course need a good amount of weapons, traps, resources as well as good skilled soldiers who love the ‘smell of war’.

  • Base Building

Well, it always helps to have a base when you know that the war is long and wearisome. Not only does a base help your troops and men to rest and better prepare themselves for a war to be fought in their own land which is always an advantage so to speak.

It also enables you to stash up resources and weapons which is of course very crucial in a long ever-lasting war.

A Step By Step: Minecraft Factions Player Guide

1. Installing Factions Plugin 

In order to get started with playing faction wars on Minecraft, what you first need to do is have the Factions plugin installed onto your server. Simply download the bukkit Factions plugin.

It should come in a .jar file which you will need to move to your plugins directory. Once that is done, run your server and then type ‘stop’ in the server to stop your server and then again Run your server.

The plugin should automatically get installed into your server and be ready for launch. 

2. Creating your own Faction

Once you have successfully installed the Faction plugin on to your server, the nest obvious thing or step you need to follow is create your very own ‘Faction’ first of all.

To do that you will obviously need to come out with a cool and catchy faction name for your faction which cannot be too lengthy and at the same time cannot just comprise of two to three words.

I would say the ideal length for a clan name would be somewhere in between 5 to 8 letters. But, of course there is no fast and hard rule that you cannot go with a more smaller or lengthier name for your factions.

It is also a good idea to discuss the name with your friends whom you plan to invite so that there are more options to choose from as well as come up with a name which suits every members taste.

Hence, to create your faction, all you need to do is simply type in the command /f create <name of the faction> and voila! Your faction name as well as your faction is ready.

3. Inviting & recruiting Worthy Faction Members

After, you have created your faction. The next thing down the line to do would obviously be do invite your friends. 

It is always a good idea that you invite members into your faction who you can trust. Simply, inviting people to your faction will just give away to things like raids and sabotage attempts from members of other clans as I had mentioned in the “Strategy section” earlier.

Thus, if you only think that you can trust a member enough to give him or her a place in your clan, then and only then do so. 

Now, to invite members into your faction you will simply need to type in the following command as /f invite <players name>. 

4. Discover a worthy land for your Base

Once, you are done recruiting some good men into your clan. The next big step is to discover yourself a good land or area to build your base upon.

Now, although building a base anywhere you like may seem like one of the most lucrative options out there. In the long run it may prove not to be so. 

Suppose, for instance if you build your base close to the area where players get spawned. It is quite obvious that you will be the fist target they will set their eyes upon once players get spawned.

Hence, it is quite crucial that you really plan out well where to claim the best land and build your base there, so that you as well as your faction members hold the most advantage in a battle. 

My recommendation would be that before you build your base, first go about the map for a while or so. Try to explore as much of the map as possible.

Look into every angle and every aspect to which position in the map will give you the best results when in a war. And only after deciding well should you claim a land and then start building your base. 

So, how you go on claiming a land? It is quite simple actually. You simply need to go to the specific area on your map and then type in the following command to claim your land, /f claim.

And hence, in this way you build your first very own base and recruit your first fighters for the big war to come.

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