How To Factory Reset Sonos Amp?

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Factory Reset Sonos Amp

You will learn the precise steps for factory resetting your Sonos Amp in this post. Following these instructions will return your Sonos Amp to its original settings.

Please Note: Before resetting Sonos AMP please keep in mind that performing these actions will delete registration information, content, and music services from your device.

How To Factory Reset Your Sonos Amp?

Resetting the Sonos Amp is very much like resetting the Beam etc, as it has a ‘connect’ button.

  • Unplug your Sonos Amp power cord from the electrical wall outlet.
  • Then tap and hold the Connect button and while holding the buttons plug the power cord back into the electrical wall outlet.
  • Keep holding the Connect button until the status light flashes amber and white.
  • As you see the amber and white flashing on the Status indicator, Release the Connect button.
  • Now, wait till you see the Green light flashing on the Status indicator. Once you see the Green Light flashing it means your Sonos Amp is reset to factory settings.
  • Now you can try setting up your Sonos Amp.

What If Sonos Amp Doesn’t Reset And Stuck To Orange And White Light?

If in case your Sonos Amp doesn’t complete the reset process and stuck to orange and white light then we will suggest you temporarily wire your Sonos unit to your router. And then check if you now you can see the unit getting back to normal. If yes then try factory resetting your device again.

If in case connecting your Unit to the router by wire doesn’t help then the hardware fault is a high possibility because the flashing orange and white light could indicate a faulty condition. So contact Sonos support for further assistance.

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