How To fix Fate Grand order error code 99?

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Fate Grand Order Error Code 99

Fate Grand or Fate Grand order to be precise, is a very interesting game. They have very appealing gameplay with a novel-like story procession.

You can be a “Master” and order other supports known as “Servants” to fight the enemies. If you are fond of exciting storylines, you can unlock a new one with each servant that you unlock.

All very very interesting plots, in a game no less. There are many amazing features in the game but they all fall flat when the players encounter some error code in the game. 

There are some common issues in the game that are coded in a fashion that is easy to understand for the players and developers.

These error codes can be understood and then taken care of through the fixes that you will find in this article. 

This article will discuss the Fate Grand Order error code 99. We will discuss the meaning of the error code with the reasons behind the problem. We will also discuss the fixes that the game support team suggests as well as what the players have experienced when they tried some new options.

What is the error code 99 in Fate Grand Order?

Let’s try to understand the deeper connotations of the error code 99 in the game. This is mentioned on the official game support in some vague terms but we will help you decipher the exact meaning of the error code.

This will later help you understand the reasons behind the error code as well as the fixes that other users have used to get rid of the issue.

The error code 99 on Fate Grand Order, stops the players from accessing the interludes. 

The interludes in this game refer to one-time events which unlock after a servant has reached a certain level.

Players have trouble finishing the interlude due to this error.

We will look at the reasons behind it in the next section.

reasons behind the error code 99 on Fate Grand Order

Why are you not able to access an interlude related to a certain servant in the game even after the level has been achieved?

This is the main question that players ask when the interlude loading fails. We will make a list of reasons that can be behind the error code. 

Here is the list of reasons behind the error code 99 on Fate Grand Order.

  • The support player that you are using for the interlude is not available anymore
  • There is a game bug
  • Game files are broken
  • The game servers are down
  • There is a cache backup on the browser
  • Certain interludes have a problem

These are the identified reasons behind the error code 99 on Fate Grand Order. Now let’s get into the fixes for this problem in the next section.

How To fix Fate Grand order error code 99?

There are different issues related to the support and the technical glitches in the game that can stop you from loading an interlude.

This can be frustrating and also time-consuming if you do not already have an idea of how to solve the issue.

Hence, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide of solutions that will help you eliminate the error code 99 in Fate Grand Order.

Here is how you can go ahead.

Fix 1: The support player is not available anymore

The support player that is supposed to play as your servant might have left the game. This will cause a problem with the interlude loading as the player isn’t available anymore. 

This is a common problem and can be solved by changing the player or support. This has helped many users clear the issues with the game and play along normally with other support.

Fix 2: There is a temporary glitch in the game

Sometimes, the game interface has a temporary glitch for no apparent reason and the gameplay might fail to load.

In this case, you just have to leave the game, clear the device memory and try to log in again to check if the glitch is eliminated.

Fix 3: The internet connection is weak

There is a condition on online games that they should maintain a steady connection to the server, unlike the games that you download locally on the computer.

Especially when it is an online multiplayer universe where you connect with people worldwide to maintain the gameplay.

Make sure that you have a steady internet connection with updated network hardware. Also, the speed of the internet should be monitored.

Fix 4: The Game server is down

The game servers are built to withstand a certain amount of traffic at a given point in time. Sometimes, with too many users this bandwidth is broken and the server crashes.

Server crashes are very common and if you are a part of any gaming community for Fate Grand Order, you will find other players discussing this as well. If you are not a part of gaming communities, you can verify this through a simple Google search.

The server is often taken down on purpose to mend the bugs and glitches in some sections. 

Unfortunately, if the game server is down, you will need to wait for the game team to get it back before you can resume gameplay.

Fix 5: Cache backup on the browser

This is a very common issue that users face when they play games through a browser. The browser saves the information for user convenience purposes but often, this has the opposite effect.

The cache that is stored on the browser clouds the memory and the game loading becomes slow. In some cases like this one, you will also see that this pauses the gameplay totally.

Make sure to clear the browser cache and cookies so that this problem does not show up on the game when you are playing.

In case you already are facing the error, exit the game, clear cookies, and then launch the game again.

Fix 6: Problems with certain interludes

There are certain interlude levels in the game that have developmental issues. These fail to launch for almost every player and hence you will see the error code 99.

This is a server-side developmental issue that can only be solved with the help of game support.

Fix 7: Contact the Game support

If the above solutions have not helped you, the best bet that you have is to contact the game support team.

They will help you in all the cases but especially in the cases where the issue is developmental.


The error code 99 on Fate Grand can be solved through the fixes above. We hope that this solved the issue in concern.

Happy Gaming!!

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