Windows 10 Dark Mode Not Working, “File Explorer Still White” (Solved)

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It has been a long time since Windows 10 got the Dark Mode update, but many users reported that applying dark mode creates some issues. One such issue is that “file explorer dark mode is not working,” and it remains white.

In this post, I am going to tell you how you can solve this issue and successfully apply the dark mode to window file explorer.

Issues We Are Going To Discuss

  • File explorer become half dark
  • Dark Mode is not working for file explorer
  • Dark Mode is not working on windows


Solution 1: Choose Default Windows Theme

There is not any exact solution to fix the issue. We can try the different things and see what solves the issue.

The first solution which I will suggest is to change the windows theme to the default theme. Many users mention that this works for them.

Here Is How You Can Do This?

  • Visit personalize settings. Simply tap anywhere on the screen and tap on the personalize, or visit settings and choose to personalize.
  • Choose theme
  • Now choose the default theme.

Applying these settings should fix the issue, but if not, then you should check your dark mode settings to make sure that you successfully applied the dark mode.

Solutions 2: Here Is How To Enable Dark Mode On Window 10

  • Go to personalize settings
  • Choose Colors
  • Now scroll down and enable dark mode under the “Choose your default app mode. “

As you choose dark, you can see the changes; if not, then I will suggest restarting your pc.

Solution 3: Make Sure You Are Using Windows 1809 Version

Windows has dark mode support for windows 1809 and later versions, so make sure you are not using any previous version. If you are using any previous version other than Windows 1809, then please update your window.

How To Update Windows

  • Go to settings
  • Choose Update & Security
  • If you will be using any previous version, then it will show you the option to update

Solutions 5: Restart Your Windows Explorer From The Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager
  • Switch to the “Process” tab, locate “explorer.exe,” click the “End Process” button and confirm the operation.
  • On the Task Manager, click “File -> New Task” on the menu bar, and then enter “explorer” to restart Explorer.

What If These Solutions Don’t Work

These are the most possible solutions to fix, if File Explorer Still White and doesn’t get dark even after implementing dark mode.

If these solutions don’t work for you, then I will suggest contacting the Microsoft community.

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