How to find airPods when They Are dead or offline?

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How to find airPods when dead or offline

The smaller in size an electronic gadget, the easier it is for such a device to get lost every now and then.

Similarly, even airpods can be seen as such a device which has a record of playing hide and seek with its users when they are most needed.

Obviously, a search operation is imminent when it comes to finding such a small device in a house filled with other big and small objects as well.

And since you are already here, reading the following article on, “How to find airpods when dead or offline?”. My guess is that you have already lost them pretty good and on top of that they have gone dead as well.

But no worries. In the following article we will be discussing all the possible ways out there with the help of which you should be able to find your valuable and most cherished airpods on your own, even when they are dead or offline. 

And hence, without any further ado, let us jump straight into the various ways to find your dead and offline Apple airpods on your own and in no time.

How To Find Apple airpods when dead or offline?

Just like locating and finding a dead phone may be quite difficult or even impossible at times. Similarly, even in the case of dead or offline airpods, successfully being able to locate them can be quite a tedious task. But still, that being said it is not completely impossible.

Obviously it won’t be as easy as finding your airpods when alive and not dead. But, it is still very much possible.

Just like how you would have found your airpods when they are online and not dead with the help of apps like Find My App, Find My Network and Lost mode.

Even in the case of dead airpods, the same approaches and apps may be used, but with a few modifications and improvisations here and there.

Finding dead Apple airpods with Find My App

I am pretty certain that most of you iPhone users reading this article are already familiar with the Find My App and what it can do. However, for those of you who are still new to Apple and particularly the Find My App.

It is basically an application which enables users to view their Apple devices on their respective iPhone from anywhere around the globe as well as share their own location with others with the help of the app. 

Steps to finding dead and offline airpods with Find My App

Now, there are a few other things as well which you need to consider before actually starting on your quest to find the lost or misplaced pair of Airpods. 

Usually, in cases where your airpods would still have some charge left in them and are somewhere within 20 meters. The Find My App should be able to give you an approximate location of your airpods.

Moreover, when that distance between your iPhone and Airpods shortens to somewhat around 20 to 30fts. The app additionally also allows you to play a sound on your Airpods so that you can locate them more easily. 

However, if your Airpods are dead or offline. Then, finding your Airpods with the Find My App might not be as easy as when they were online or had charge in them. But then again it is not completely impossible to find them as well. All you need to do is work a little smart.

Until and unless your dead Airpods were moved from where you last forgot them. Then, using the Find My App you should be able to find their last location when they were online or had charge in them. 

Once you find out the location where they last lost signal or went offline, you should be able to find them if you go to that specific location shown on your app and search through the scene.  

In addition to that, try retracing your steps as well to the place where you think you last lost or misplaced your Airpods. This is the best you can do with the Find My App and a little improvisation. 

Use the last locations mentioned on the Find My App to get a fair idea of where your Airpods might be. And then, narrow down search to the places where you think you might have lost them. In this way, you should be able to find your lost pair of Airpods even when they have gone dead or offline.

Setting up Find My App on your iPhone device

Setting up the Find My App app on your iOS devices might be the best possible option out there to avoid situations such as losing your Apple devices every now and then. The steps to setting up the app is pretty straight-forward and can be done in no time by simply following a few steps as described in the following article

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