How To Fix Fire TV Error Code 8056?

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Fire TV Error Code 8056

No one likes interruptions while watching their favorite movie or show. Back in the older times when technology was not as advanced as it is today, people were much more patient and willing to wait if there was an issue.

Today is not one of those times. People want instant solutions and that is exactly what you will get here.

We will talk about the Fire TV error code 8056.

This is a specific issue that comes up when there is a problem related to the updates on your device.

In some cases, you will see this error code even after you have finished updating the Fire TV firmware.

All these and more possibilities we will discuss in the next section with the respective solutions in the next section.

How can you get rid of the error code 8056 on Fire TV?

Even though we know that this is an update-related issue on the Fire TV, the solution is not as simple as just updating the firmware.

You might need to take into account some other measures as well at times. We will discuss them here.

Fix 1: Temporary glitch with the Fire TV stick

Sometimes without any explanations, devices get stuck in limbo. This can also be called the freeze response of the device.

This minor glitch of the device can be solved through a power cycling session on the device. 

Here is how you can easily power cycle your Fire TV stick.

  • Remove the power cord connection of the Fire TV stick
  • Wait for a period of 15-20 seconds
  • Plug back the device and restart.

This will complete the power cycling on the Fire TV stick.

Fix 2: Check the internet connection

Since the Fire TV application needs internet to run efficiently, the trouble could be with the network connection that you are using.

Make sure that the internet connection is stable. Also, make sure that the speed of the internet connection is sufficient for the programs to run.

If you are using a mobile network, it will help to switch to a stable Wifi connection instead.

Fix 3: Update the Fire TV apps

Several apps can run simultaneously through a Fire TV stick. You might need to check for updates on all of them manually when you find this error code.

Usually, you need to check for the app that you were using last when the error code appeared.

To avoid this problem in the future, make sure that you do not miss any updates.

Fix 4: Update the firmware on the Fire TV stick

The Fire TV stick needs an update on the firmware that allows it to function. There are new developments on the platform at all times and it is absolutely essential to download the firmware updates so that the Fire TV stick can stay in touch with the newer versions of the platform.

Check for updates immediately and then update the firmware if you find a new update.

Fix 5: Change the network settings on the Fire TV stick

The network settings on the Fire TV stick can be the reason that you are facing this error code.

You can change the network settings on the Fire TV stick with the exact steps mentioned down below.

  • Open the Fire TV settings
  • Click on Network
  • Find the Wifi network that you are using
  • Click on Forget Network
  • Now scan for available Wifi connections and select the forgotten network again
  • Enter the password to connect to the network
  • Click on the option Advanced
  • Enter the details of the network that you want to connect to
  • Enter a custom DNS network 
  • Click on Connect

This will change the network settings on the Fire TV stick.

Fix 6: Contact the Support team

If you have tried your hand at all the solutions above and you could not get rid of the error code on the Fire TV stick, then you need to contact the support team.

The support team will help you with solutions that are based on your particular situation.

You can also ask a question on the user forums where other users will help you with their own experiences.

To conclude

The Fire TV error code 8056 is an update-related issue with the apps on the Fire TV or the stick itself.

You can obviously solve it with the solutions that are fairly obvious like checking for updates but there are also some other issues that you need to be careful about. We have mentioned these in the blog.

Hopefully, this was helpful. Keep following for more technical advice.

Happy Streaming!!

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