How To Fix a Flickering/Blinking TV Screen?

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Are you facing the Flickering TV Screen problem on your TV? If yes, then in this post, we are going to cover the causes and solutions for the Flickering TV Screen.

How To Fix a Flickering/Blinking TV Screen

Why Is Your Tv Flickering/​​Blinking?

  • Incorrect image menu settings.
  • There are some issues with other external devices which provide Internet, sound, or electricity.
  • Loose or Defective Cable Connection
  • The TV power supply is fluctuating.
  • Internal Connectivity issues

How To Fix Flickering/Blinking On Your TV?

Fix 1. Power Cycle TV

Restarting the device can solve many basic problems of a device, be it a Mobile, Laptop, or TV. So first of all you should power cycle your TV

  • Grab your Remote and Turn Off the TV.
  • Now Unplug the power cable from the socket.
  • Wait for around 60 seconds.
  • Plug in the power cable, and Turn On the TV.
  • Check if the issue has been resolved.

Fix 2: Check Your TV For Any Loose or Defective Cable Connection

The loose or defective cable can also be the culprit of the issues. So we will suggest you to check your device for any loose or defective cables.

  • Unplug the Power cable and have a close look at it to check if it has been damaged or loosened from any part.
  • Check the LAN cable or setup box cable from one end to another to check if they are faulty.
  • In case you are using coaxial cable or other analog cables, they might change brightness rapidly and color also.
  • Replace your Power cable, or use an HDMI cable instead for a network connection to your TV, it is reliable and long-lasting.
  • In case you find any loose cables, then unplug the cable and gently push it in.

Fix 3: Check Update For Smart TVs

The flickering TV issues can also be caused because of any temporary software glitch on your TV. In such cases TV manufacturers release the solution in software updates.

So we will suggest you to go to your TV settings, and check if there is any pending software update. If you find any pending software update then please consider updating it.

Fix 4: Dying Power Supply

TV needs a proper level of voltage to maintain the brightness at a stable level. When the power supply begins to fail, there can be a sudden change in brightness level.

If your tv gets dim and sometimes brightens, then it happens due to unstable voltage. It even goes black due to uneven Power supply.

So in this case you need qualified service skills, stable electricity, and a stabilizer. Or you can replace CRT TVs with the help of qualified service skills.

Fix 5: Internal Connectivity issues

TV screen flickering can also take place due to loose connections or some faults inside the TV.

  • There can be a damaged ribbon or wire or any other electrical component inside the TV.
  • If there is any issue due to inner faults, then appropriating the video source or power source would not help.
  • So get a trained and professional person to solve this issue.

Fix 6: Electrical Interference

Screen flickering also happens due to electrical interferences. It’s possible that there is an appliance that consumes more power than the TV, and as a result, it disturbs the power supply which causes flickering.

This issue is most noticeable, as whenever you start that appliance, the TV reacts to it immediately and the screen flickers bright and dim.

If there is any fault between the power supply of the TV and other appliances then turn off the appliance first. Now Do a restart of your TV to restore it to normal brightness. And you can also hire an electrician to separate the outlet of both devices.

Fix 7: There Will Be Flickering On Video Source 

If there is any issue with your Video source then you cannot do much to resolve the issue. If you are playing a recorded video or live streaming then the TV will only show what Is interpreted as the correct image. So, if there is any flickering in the original video then the same will also happen on your screen.

To find out if this is the issue, simply try playing any other video, and if the other video is playing perfectly then the issue is with your individual video.

Fix 8: Adjust Your Room brightness

If you are watching TV under very bright or dark lighting, you may experience your TV screen changing brightness as per room lighting. In such cases, it not only increases brightness or dims, but the tv also flickers. So, simply adjust your room lighting, and keep it stable to watch uninterrupted streaming of videos on your TV.

Fix 9: Shorten The Pins

If your LED TV was working fine, but one day it starts flickering and turns off. You restart the TV to resolve the issue but it resumes back so the reason for the fault can be the main processor.

This happens because the main processor board instructs the LED backlight to tune off via the control line.

This issue can be resolved by shortening the two pins with the help of a jumper wire. To complete this task take the help of a professional, because if you are not experienced then you can damage your TV permanently.

To perform this task you may need processor boards or new LED strips.

Fix 10: Contact Your TV Manufacturer

If you have tried all the given troubleshoots but still getting the issue, then in this case the best option for you is to be contacting the TV manufacturer’s support team.

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