How To Fix If Prime Video Is Not Playing HD On Desktop Browser?

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If you are unable to play Hd quality videos in Prime Video on a Desktop browser, then this article will guide you through to reasons and solutions for Amazon Prime Video not playing HD on desktop browsers.

How To Fix If Prime Video Is Not Playing HD On Desktop Browser?

Video qualities on Amazon Prime Video

4 video qualities are listed on Amazon Prime Video. The list is given below:

1. Data Saver 

This video quality is suitable for people with a slow internet connection. However, the content is almost unwatchable sometimes in this video quality.

2. Good

This video quality is also for people with slow internet connections. In this video quality, the video would be clear on small screens, but we do not recommend these settings if you have a good internet connection.

3. Better

This video quality is semi-HD. It is very suitable for people who are watching on small screens; you would not notice any difference as such. 

4. Best

This video quality provides you ultra HD pictures, and all the content is meant to be watched in this video quality. Content should only be watched in this video quality when playing on large screens like TVs and projectors.

Amazon Prime Video can be set on “Auto” settings that will play the video according to your internet connection.

Reasons and Solutions for Prime Video Not Playing HD On Desktop Browser

There can be many reasons and solutions associated with the reasons for HD not playing on Amazon Prime Video.

We have tried to compile a wholesome list. The list is given below:

  • Check internet connection
  • Your browser may be Outdated
  • You may not have the trusted browsers
  • Your device may not support HD video format
  • Disable shadowplay on NVidia
  • Check your Prime Video Setting

1. Internet Connection

The most common reason why HD video is not being played on your desktop browser is because of your internet connection.

Make sure the internet connection is stable and fast. Use free web apps that let you analyze your internet connection.

2. Outdated browser

Make sure that the browser you are using does not have any pending updates associated with it. If there are any updates available, update your browser and try to access Amazon Prime Video again.

3. Trusted Browsers

Only use trusted browsers to access Amazon Prime Video. Some browsers are not able to comprehend the settings used by Amazon Prime Video and hence unable to play HD videos.

4. Device limitations

Ensure that the device you are using is compatible with playing HD video. Some screens have restrictions and can not play HD videos. Check the specification of the screen you are using to watch Amazon Prime Video.

5. Shadowplay

Shadowplay is a popular feature associated with NVidia. Make sure the Shadowplay settings are disabled because Shadowplay is used to record desktop screens, and that is not allowed on Amazon Prime Video.

6. Amazon Prime Video Setting

Check if the Amazon Prime Video is set manually on low video quality. If the setting is set on a low video quality, your device will not play HD videos even with a fast internet connection. Make sure the setting is set on “Auto”.


We are glad that you chose our website to solve your Amazon Prime Video errors. The correct way to enjoy content on Amazon Prime Video is only in HD settings. 

By reading this article, you will be able to identify your problem and be able to solve it. It is very frustrating if you are not able to enjoy content in HD settings.

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