How to Fix If My phone keeps beeping (Android, iphone, Samsung)?

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How To Fix If My Phone Keeps Beeping

Many users are complaining in the online forums and community that their phones keep beeping. They didn’t set any alarm, timer or notification, but still, they are getting the continuous beeping sound from their smartphone.

In this post, I am going to tell you the possible reasons for the issue, and also going to tell you the troubleshoot to fix this annoying issue.

Reasons For phone keeps beeping Issue

  • Sound notification will be enabled.
  • Any app is creating this problem.
  • You may have open any website from your browser which is creating this sound in the background.
  • If the issue is coming in the Samsung phone, then you may have enabled the NFC option.

How To Fix If phone keeps beeping (Android, iPhone, Samsung)?

  • Check Notification Settings
  • Close Down All The Apps & Website
  • Restart your phone
  • Try Safe Mode
  • Clear Browser History And Website Data
  • Disable NFC Opinion In Your Samsung Smartphone
  • Factory Reset
  • Your Device Is Defective

1. Check Notification Settings

Go check your “notification sound” settings under the “sound and vibration”. You may have disabled the notification, but the notification sound will be enabled.

  • Go to your phone setting
  • Go to sound and vibration
  • Tap “volume”
  • Disable the volume for the notification to get rid of the issue

Note: The order of the settings may vary for your phone. 

This was the issue with my iPhone, my on-screen notification was disabled, and I normally didn’t check my messages because mostly they are junk, so all of them just showed as pending notification. Whenever I turn off and on my iPhone, my phone beeps for around 5 to 10 minutes continuously.

This was nothing, just the pending notifications, so simply I cleared all the pending notifications and turned off the notification sound.

2. Close Down All The Apps & Website

It’s possible that any app or website opened in your browser is creating the sound. So simply go to the recent app section and closed all of the open app’s window, and see if it stop beeping.

  • Open recent apps
  • Close down all the apps
  • Check recent apps again; if any apps didn’t close then, please force stop the app from settings.

Check if it fixes the issue or not.

3. Restart Your Phone

If you still can hear the beeping sound, then try restarting your phone.

  • Tap and hold the power button till you see the different options on the screen
  • Tap restart and wait till it finishes the process

4. Try safe mode

Safe mode is a feature in both Android and iPhone where your smartphone blocks all of the third-party apps. So if you use your phone in the safe mode, and the beeping sound stops, then it means the issue is because of any app.

How To Enter Safe Mode In iPhone & Android

  • Tap and hold the power button till you see the different options on the screen
  • Tap and hold the power option on the screen till you see the safe mode option
  • Tap safe mode

How To Exit Safe Mode In iPhone & Android

To exit from the safe mode, simply turn off your phone and then restart.

If your phone is not beeping in the safe mode, then any of the third-party apps is the culprit; please try to uninstall the apps one by one till your find the culprit. Try uninstalling apps which you recently installed.

5. Clear Browser History And Website Data

Open your browser and clear its history and website data. It’s possible that you may visit any unsafe website, and it stored any data in your browser. So simply clearing the browser history and website data can fix the issue.

6. Disable NFC Opinion In Your Samsung smartphone

If the problem is occurring in your Samsung phone, then it may be because of the NF option; please visit your phone setting and check if the NFC option is enabled; if yes, then please consider disabling it.

  • Go to your phone setting
  • Go to connections
  • Disabled “NFS and contactless payment”

Near Field Communications (NFC) is an advanced technology in Samsung Smartphones which enables radio communication between devices when brought in close proximity. NFC ensures seamless data sharing and has a few more applications and advantages attached to it.

7. Factory Reset

Even after trying all these troubleshooting, if you still get the issue, then the last option for you is to try the factory reset. But before the factory reset, please backup all of the important data to the cloud or anywhere else.

Performing a factory reset erases all of the data and settings from your phone as your phone comes brand new.

8. Your Device Is Defective

I wish you didn’t reach here, and any of the above-given solutions fix your phone beeping issue, but if not, then it’s possible that there is some issue with your phone, and that’s why it’s beeping.

Please contact the dealer or service centre and explain the issue. If you recently purchased the phone, then ask the dealer for the exchange.

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