How To Foxtel Error Code f0704?

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Foxtel Error Code f0704

Foxtel is one of the most loved streaming giants in Australia. Their user base is huge because they have great customer service and affordable streaming options.

The only time that the users don’t like the platform is when they face error codes on the platform while streaming.

In this article, we will discuss the Foxtel Error Code f0704.

This error code on Foxtel shows up in the instances where the TV box is not able to establish a connection with the satellite. There can be many reasons for this to happen and we will discuss that in the next section along with the solutions that are needed to get rid of this error code.

Let’s jump into the solutions without any more delay.

How to get rid of the Foxtel error code f0704?

The Foxtel Error code f0407 is about the broken connection between the TV box and the satellite dish. In most cases, it is a network and connection error but it can also show up in the cases of minor bugs and glitches, or even device issues.

Let’s discuss each of these issues in isolation so that you can analyze each issue in detail and decide how you can get rid of the error code.

Fix 1: Wait and try again later

In case the TV box or the TV itself has run into some minor glitches, you need to take the easy way out. Turn off the TV and come back later.

These are the situations in which the error code resolves itself after the device gets some time to rest and has a fresh start. 

This is a solution where you do not need to do anything except wait. If you are in the middle of something that you are not willing to miss, or if the issue persists even after this solution, you might need to try other solutions on the list.

Fix 2: Switch the channel that you are trying to watch

There are many third-party channels that you can access through the Foxtel TV box. When you face the error code f0704, you should switch the channel that you are watching.

This is because the box might be working fine but the channel that you are trying to connect to, has the server down.

If you switch the channel and the error code disappears, you know exactly what the issue is.

Fix 3: Check the weather conditions outside

The weather conditions have a serious effect on the communication of the Foxtel TV box to the satellite.

If the conditions outside are cloudy, or if it is raining outside, you will need to wait till the weather clears up before you can start streaming content again. We know that this is annoying but it is what it is.

Fix 4: Check the satellite disk for damages or wrong placement

The satellite dish for the Foxtel TV box that is placed outside, can be the issue behind the error code on your device.

This can be because of physical obstructions with the device as well as the wrong placement of the satellite dish. Step outside and check the satellite disk for obstructions or wrong placement and solve the issue.

This might help you score better connectivity and you might not face the error code f0704 any longer.

Fix 5: Reinstall the Foxtel app

If you cannot figure out the exact issue with the Foxtel services, there might be a bug in the Foxtel TV app software.

You can try to eliminate this problem by deleting the Foxtel app and then reinstalling a fresh copy. This will also delete all the corrupted files associated with the app and you are unlikely to face any further issues.

Fix 6: Take a look at all the wires to see if the connections are secure

The Foxtel TV box, the TV, and the satellite disk are connected through a combination of wires. 

All these wires should be connected securely to make sure that the circuit is completed. If any of the wires have a loose connection or there is a broken wire in the circuit, you need to immediately secure the connection and replace the broken wires.

If you see any broken wires in the circuit then it is even more important to replace them before you take any other steps because it is an electrocution risk and also a fire hazard.

Fix 7: Check the signal strength of the Foxtel TV box

There is an option with the Foxtel TV box where you can check the signal strength. Launch the Foxtel box settings. You will see a menu which is named as signal strength menu. Launch the Signal strength menu. You will see a report of the signal strength on your box.

If you are experiencing a low signal strength then you should try to reposition the satellite disc or you might contact the Foxtel customer support for further assistance.

Fix 8: Check the LNB settings

This solution is a little technical. Some users have suggested this on the user forums. You can check the Low Noise Blockdown Converter or LNB on the satellite disc.

This is a device that is responsible for receiving the satellite signal and forwarding it to the Foxtel TV box. If there is a problem with the LNB device then the signal will not be transferred from The satellite to the Foxtel TV box. This is exactly what will cause a signal problem on the Foxtel TV box and you will face the error code F0704.

To solve this problem, you can consider replacing the LNB or you can also contact Foxtel customer support to send you a professional for help.

Fix 9: Contact the Foxtel customers support team

We have suggested all the solutions that can help you get rid of the error code F0704 on the Foxtel TV box.

These include both official support solutions as well as user forum solutions. If none of these solutions have been able to get rid of the error code for you, You need to contact the customer support team at Foxtel. 

The customer support team will help you with the answers to the error code and also send in a technician to check your box, satellite dish, and the LNB device if you prefer. If you’re not sure about how to handle the circuits of the Foxtel TV box, we advise that you do not poke around and contact the customer support team as the first solution.

To conclude

The Foxtel error code F0704 is an issue with the satellite dish not being able to transfer signals to the Foxtel TV box.

There are many reasons for this error code and the solutions for the error code are also diverse. We have tried to mention all these solutions that can help you get rid of the error code. 

We hope that this was helpful and you are now able to stream content on your Foxtel TV box. 

Keep following for more technical advice. Happy streaming!!

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