How To Fix Foxtel Error Code f1072?

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Foxtel Error Code f1072

If you are a Foxtel subscriber, currently facing the following Foxtel Error Code f1072, while trying to stream your favorite TV shows. Then, chances are that you are seeing the following error due to an issue at the server end itself. 

Given that the following Error Code f1072 on Foxtel has occurred quite recently and there has not been any official statement or documentation from Foxtel themselves regarding the particular error. It may be noted that the error is still quite a novel one and there are no predefined solutions or fixes out there with the help of which you could solve the following error.

Hence, the most you can do is either try out some general troubleshooting solutions out there, which may or may not help solve the issue. Or, simply wait it out, till Foxtel experts solve the issue at the server end itself. 

However, there is certainly no harm in trying out some general troubleshooting methods to see if applying those help solve the issue:

Fixes For Foxtel Error Code f1072

Fix 1: Check Server issue

This should be the very first step you must follow, in order to know where the source of the problem lies and not have to try out any of the other fixes unnecessarily. 

By going to the following link, you can check for the status of Foxtel servers. If the servers are down or the following error is prevalent on accounts for most users in your region. Then, it is best to just wait it out till the problem gets resolved at the server side itself. 

But, if the servers are up and running fine. And it is only on your account that the error is present. Then, you could try out the rest of the solutions as shown below, to try out and see if they work for you.

Fix 2: Reconnecting to the router

Although, this is not a permanent solution. The following method can be used as a walk around to get rid of the error message and stream your favorite shows on Foxtel without having to face the error message, till you login next time. 

Here, you will need to actively reconnect the router to the IQ4 Settings before requesting a program start over. 

Moreover, it is important to note here that when not in use, the IQ4 might go to sleep. Hence, here you can simply turn off the Power Savings settings and use your remote to power on and power off from and to Standby.

Fix 3: Update Network Drivers

You can also try updating your system’s network drivers, to see if doing so helps you fix the issue. 

Many users facing the same issue, have reported that updating their network drivers had helped them solve the error message in their case. 

And thus, to do so, you will need to update your network drivers by following the steps as shown below:

  • Go to your Windows’ desktop search bar and type in Device Manager.
  • In the device manager page, scroll down and expand the Network adapters option. 
  • Then, from the list of drivers, right-click on the drivers you would like to update and click on the update driver option.
  • Once updated, go back and check if the error still persists when you try to login to your Foxtel account.

Fix 4: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, stored cache and cookies for a site can also lead to the following error to show up when conflicting with it. 

It is hence a good idea to clear up such cache and cookie data from your respective browser from time to time, to avoid such errors from showing up.

Now here, since the steps to clearing the browser cache may be different for the different types of browsers out there. To save time, I have decided to just list out some of the most popular browsers out there as well as links to guide on how to clear cache and cookies history for each browser.

And if the browser you are using is not in the list shown above. Then, you can also search up for the steps on your own and clear up the cache for your particular browser.

Fix 5: Contact Customer Support

If none of the steps as shown above work for you in solving the issue. Then, you can also try directly contacting Foxtel’s customer support and ask them for their assistance to help you solve the issue. 

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