How To Fix Foxtel Play Error Code X101?

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Foxtel Play Error Code X101

Foxtel Error code X101 usually occurs on your screen while playing on Playstation or while streaming videos on any other platforms due to an unstable or bad internet connection.

The message says “X101-sorry we are having technical problems, we will close the session within 5 seconds”.

How To Fix Foxtel Error Code X101?

Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection/ Reboot your Modem and Device

The error code X101 usually hits your screen when there is a network outage or if there is some issue with your internet connection. Do the following to fix the issue.

As we have already discussed earlier, the primary reason behind this error code is internet connectivity or slow internet speed, so the first thing we have to ensure is that our internet connection is stable and giving decent speed.

You can try connecting to any alternate Wifi or a mobile hotspot to check if Foxtel is working over the other internet or not.

If you find that your Foxtel is working fine over the other internet then it explains that it’s your internet that needs to be fixed. Give a Power cycle to your Router to treat your internet connection.

To restart your Router, unplug the power cable from the router and let it unplugged for a few minutes. Then replug in the power cable back into the wall outlet and turn on the router.

Wait till your device is reconnected to the internet and then check if it has fixed the issue or not.

Fix 2: Logout And Re-login

Foxtel error code x101 may also appear on your screen if your Foxtel account is facing any issues, in such cases, you need to log out from the existing session and re-login to your Foxtel account.

  • Go to the Settings section.
  • Scroll down and Select the Logout option.
  • Once your session is logged out, click on Login.
  • Enter your credentials and tap on Login.
  • Now check if you are still facing the same issue or not.

Fix 3: Perform a Speed Test

If your internet speed is lower than what Foxtel needs to process then you might also face this error code on your screen.

Foxtel needs a minimum of 3 Mbps speed to function properly, so perform a speed test within the Foxtel app and check if it is efficient or not.

  • Open the Foxtel app on the device on which you are facing this issue.
  • Now go to Settings options.
  • Scroll down and select the Speed Test and click on Start.
  • If the internet speed is lower than needed then contact your ISP and ask him to rectify the issue.

Fix 4: Reinstall The Foxtel App

Sometimes it is your app that creates hurdles in its performance, which can happen due to outdated versions of the app or because of any temporary glitch with the app.

In such a case you need to uninstall the existing app from your device and reinstall a new app with an updated version. 

  • Simply uninstall the Foxtel app and restart the device.
  • Once the device is restarted go to the app store and reinstall the Foxtel app.
  • Then log in to your Foxtel app with your credentials.

Fix 5: Contact The Customer Support

If you are still facing the error code on Foxtel even after trying all of the given workarounds then you need to contact the customer support of Foxtel.

To contact their customer support go to this page and scroll down to the bottom of the page. From there choose the live chat option.

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