Tuesday, June 2, 2020
How to get Minecraft Earth on Android?

How To Get Minecraft Earth On Android?

Well, I guess it would not be wrong for me to assume that most of you here today are already familiar with Minecraft and all other editions it has released so far like Minecraft...
Can Minecraft Be Downloaded For Free?

How To Download & Play Minecraft For Free?

Whenever there is a game making up to the shelves and get popular among the mass, questions with the word “Free” in it is just a normal thing to come up. You see people...
Is Minecraft Offline?

How Often Does Minecraft Auto Save?

Well, I have seen this question popping up here and there in forums as well as FAQ’s for quite some time now, and thought that it might be a better idea to explain to...
Lego World

Try These Amazing Minecraft Like Space Games Of 2020

Well, since Minecraft is truly one of the rare Sandbox open-world games out there giving you full freedom to go and explore in any direction you desire. One might obviously have thought...
Is Minecraft Offline?

Is Minecraft Offline? How You Can Play Minecraft Offline In 2020?

Well just like most online games out there, Minecraft too very much be played “Offline” without having to constantly be logged in to the Internet. However, there are a few things which you obviously...
Why Minecraft Realms Not Free

Is Minecraft Realms Free? How To Buy Minecraft Realms Plus?

Well at this point I guess we should accept the fact that anything that is good comes at a price. And actually it is this price that we pay, that actually helps people such...
Will Minecraft Ever Shut Down?

Will Minecraft Ever Shut Down In 2020 For Forever?

Now, this is a question I believe, had got quite a hipe last year somewhere during mid December or so, when news like “Minecraft shutting down their servers” and “Mojang to discontinue Minecraft” started...

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