How to fix generac error code 1902?

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If you are a generac generator user and have recently come across the following generac error code 1902 problem. Then, you have come to the right place. In the following, “How to fix generac error code 1902?” article, we will be discussing it all. From causes to how to go on fixing the error from occurring again, we shall be covering everything out there. 

Now, usually when you see the following generac error code 1902 flashing on your generator screen. Chances are that it might be caused as a result of a firmware issue or failing slip rings inside the generator machine. 

Below, I have listed all the possible solutions out there, with the help of which you should be able to solve the respective issue responsible for the error to occur. 

Hence, without any further ado, let us look at the fixes we can use to solve the following error code 1902 on your respective generac generator machines:

How to fix generac error code 1902?

Fix 1: Update Firmware

Updating your Generac generator’s firmware is one of the first and foremost things you should try. Many users facing the issue have reported that simply updating the firmware did the trick for them and helped them solve the error. 

So, in order to update your firmware manually. You will need to first get your inverter’s serial number as well as the installer and customer email id and feed in these details by going here

generac error code 1902

Then, once you are able to download the PWRCELL firmware update file. Next, copy it to a USB flash drive.

Now, go to your generator device and head to the EDIT option. Then, with the help of the arrow buttons, head to the Firmware Update option and press on the Enter button.

Once the Enter button has been pressed. Next, you will be asked to Insert USB. Now, insert the USB flash drive into the USB slot available on the machine and wait for the device to read the contents of the device. 

On the screen, you will be shown the Current version of your firmware as well as the version of the firmware you had recently copied to your USB flash drive. 

Once you are sure, simply click on the Enter button and you choose the Yes option when asked whether you are sure or not for installation of the update. 

Then, wait for a few seconds for the update to take place. During this process your Manual LED indicator will first blink for a few seconds, followed by the Auto LED indicator light. 

Lastly, once the update has been successfully installed. It will show you the current version of your hardware as well as your recently installed firmware. 

Hence, in this way after updating your firmware, check to see if doing so helped fix the issue.

NOTE: It is important to note here that if your device is already connected to a Wi-Fi connection. Then, updates should take place automatically and you need not update the firmware manually as shown above.

Fix 2: Run the device in Quiet Mode

Another very common troubleshooting solution with the help of which many users have been able to fix the issue would be to try disabling the quiet test mode and schedule the generator device to run. 

See if doing so helps fix the issue. 

Fix 3: Install the Generac Cold Weather Kit

If you are staying in a very cold place and have been seeing this error message show up on your Generac generator device even after having updated its firmware. Then, the problem might be a malfunctioning of the device due to the harsh cold weather conditions. 

In such cases, it is best that you contact your local dealer or installer and ask them to install a Generac Cold Weather Kit for your generator device. 

This way, the device is well insulated and safe from extreme external conditions to be able to work properly as intended.

Fix 4: Replace the slip ring

If your device’s slip rings have been damaged. Then, replacing them might be the best option for you to get rid of the following error message. Given, that the error was indeed caused as a result of broken or a damaged slip ring. 

Contact your installer or Generac dealer and ask them to send a technician to replace the damaged slip ring for you with a new one. 

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