What To do If rice Stuck To Phone charging port?

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Get Rice Out Of Your Phone Charging Port

Dropping a phone in the water is a very command thing, and sometimes the quick troubleshooting to deal with the issue becomes a headache. 

Many times people put their wet phone in a rice bag so it can sock all the water. Doing this can save your phone from water but rice pieces can stuck to the phone charging port or any other port.

If you are too one of those people who put their wet phone in the rice bag and rice gets stuck to your phone charging port then in this post I am going to tell you the possible solutions to get the rice out of Your Phone charging port?

Note: The troubleshoot applies to all types of phones including iPhones, and iPad.

How to get the rice out of Your Phone charging port?

Fix 1: Use A tiny Pin

  • Use a tiny pin or similar object to gently pull the rice out of the charging port.
  • You can also use a paper pin, saree pin, etc.

Fix 2: Use A Magnifying Glass

  • Get yourself a magnifying glass, sewing needle, or any similar object.
  • Then go to a place with a lot of very bright light.
  • Gentry tries to pull rice out of the charging port.
  • If the price piece is big then you can also break in the middle to make this work a little easy.

Fix 3: Use Vacuum Cleaner

If you have access to the vacuum cleaner then you can also use that to suck the rice particle out of the charging port. Do this carefully, and with lots of patience.

Fix 4: Use Cleaning Duster Can

Cleaning Duster Cans are one of the most useful products to deal with this kind of issue. It will cost you a few bucks to buy a cleaning Duster Can but they can blow the rice out with their compressed air

The best part is that they come with a straw/nozzle so you can effectively target the area where you want to blow the air. And they are very low in moisture content so they will not damage your phone.

Fix 5: Go To AppleCare

Sometimes the rice particles get stuck horizontally and make the work very hard. If you have tried all the possible ways to get the rice out of Your Phone charging port but are unable to get it out then you should contact AppleCare.

We are telling you this because if you force too much you can damage your charging port. So you should contact AppleCare, maybe they can help you.

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