Possible Fixes If You Get Trapped With Samsung Account 2 Step Verification

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Last Updated on May 14, 2022

Many times for some reason people find themselves trapped with two-step verification on their Samsung Account 2 factor verification.

So in this post, we are going to discuss some possible situations where you can get stuck with Samsung Account 2 Step Verification, and we will also share with you possible solutions.

Trapped With Samsung Account 2 Step Verification

Possible situations where you can get stuck with Samsung Account 2 Step Verification

Situation 1: Unable To Get OTP While 2 Step Verification

This should not happen in the first place because Samsung is a very known brand but unfortunately, many users reported that they were unable to get OTP during 2 Step Verification, and as a result, they got trapped.

Neither they can log in to their Samsung account, nor they can disable the Samsung Account 2 Step Verification.

In this situation the best option you have to contact Samsung support to deal with this issue. 

On the same Samsung Account login page scroll down to the bottom, there you will find the contact us option. Use the contact us option to get in touch with a support executive, and explain the situation.

Samsung Support officials have the power to disable the 2 Step Verification for your Samsung Account. They will ask for some information to verify if it’s your account and after that on your request, they will disable the 2 Step Verification on your Samsung Account, so you can log in again.

If disabling the 2 Step Verification is not the option then the Samsung Support officials will share with you the other possible solution. But as per my research, contacting the Samsung Support officials is the best solution to deal with this issue.

Situation 2: You Have Changed Your Number Which Was Linked With Samsung Account 2 Step Verification

If in case you have changed your mobile phone number which was linked with your Samsung Account 2 Step Verification and forget to update the new number in the Samsung account.

Then it’s a tricky situation because while 2 Step Verification of your Samsung Account it will send the OTP to the linked phone number which you don’t have, and you will get trapped with 2 Step Verification.

For this issue, the solution is the same as the previous.

You have to contact Samsung Support. To do that scroll down to the Samsung Account login page, tap Contact Us and follow the on-screen process to get in touch with a support executive.

Once you are in touch with the support team, explain the issue. They will ask for some personal information such as date of birth, old mobile number, etc to verify your identity.

After that, they can update your new number to your Samsung account so you can log in again.

Is it Possible To Bypass The Samsung Account 2 Factor Verification?

 2 Factor Verification was introduced to the Samsung account to add an extra layer of security. If anybody can easily bypass the 2-factor verification then what’s the use of 2-factor verification.

We are trying to say that there is no way to bypass the Samsung account 2-factor verification as per our research, even if any way exists then it’s going to be very complicated.

Many blogs and youtube videos claim to have some trick to bypass the Samsung Account 2 Factor Verification. You guys are free to try those tricks but we can’t verify that information.

If it’s your device and your Samsung account belongs to you then you don’t need to make things complicated by looking for some trick to bypass the 2-factor verification.

Instead, you can contact Samsung Support, they will just ask some personal questions to verify your identity, and once your identity is verified Samsung Support official can help you with your Samsung account 2 Factor Verification.

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