How To Mount GoPro On Car? GoPro Mounting Ideas For Car


Last Updated on August 6, 2020

GoPro is one of the best action cameras in the market to shoot stunning videos. In this post, we are going to talk about some of the best GoPro Mounting Ideas For Car.

GoPro is very handy and easy in terms of uses. You can use it to shoot your car racing videos, vlogging while driving, capturing the tracks, capturing driver positioning and controls for improvements, and lots of other things.

GoPro Car Mount Ideas

But there is not any single perfect car mount position, because the perfect position depends on your goal and purpose.

If you want to vlog, then you have to place the camera inside of the car to easily record yourself and your voice.

If you are preparing for the race, then you can mount the camera on the front side-wheel to capture tracks and turns.

So in short, first ask yourself what actually your goals are and then be a little creative and find the perfect mounting position for yourself from the ideas listed below.

Table of Best GoPro Car Mount Ideas

  1. On The Car Roof
  2. Front Side Wheels
  3. Inside On The Windshield Facing You
  4. Inside, Car Roof In The Middle
  5. Top Of Trunk
  6. Below the door handle
  7. On the rear sideway
  8. On The Front Of Hood
  9. On The Front Bumper
  10. On The Hood
  11. Inside Of Rear Window
  12. Inside On The Middle Of Windshield

• On The Car Roof

This angle is good to include the car, track, and view from the front in the camera frame. But this position captures much part of your car; if you have a sedan car, then your footage can look dull.

Also, at this position, your car grabs much of attention without any good purpose, instead of tracks or view. Also, your video will look like you captured it from much height.

These are some of the reasons that many people do not like this mounting position.

• Front Side Wheels

This posting is good to capture side views and tracks. Especially if you want to capture tracks and turns, then this is a perfect position.

If you are shooting a racing video, then this position is good to capture the speed, and turns on tracks, which really look amazing.

• Inside On The Windshield Facing You

This position is good for vlogging and including the other peoples in the car. If you are vlogging, then at this position, you can shoot yourself and can easily record your audio.

Also, if you are on a family trip or with friends or crew members, then this mounting position lets you include all of them along with you.

• Inside, Car Roof In The Middle

This position is good to shoot your control; the video frame will include the complete dashboard and with tracks. So if you want to show your driving skills and controls, then this position will fit your purpose.

• Top Of Trunk

You can place the camera on Top Of Trunk; you can face the camera behind or forward as per your preference. But this position is best to capture behind the scene. 

You can also face the camera forward, but the main point of view will be the car, instead of track. You can do this if you are using different angles at the same time to include the best of them in the final shot.

• Below the door handle

This position is good to capture side angles, but your footage will look good only if you are in an open area. If you are in a crowded space or street, then your video will look less attractive from this position.

• On the rear sideway

This position is good to capture the side view of back, but if you are facing the camera forward, then make sure you are in an open area for an attractive video.

• On The Front Of Hood

This is one of very unique go pro mounting angles; here, your camera will be recording top from less height.

• On The Front Bumper

This position is good to record the track or view around you separately. From here you can record the complete view of the road without adding your car into the footage.

• On The Hood

This position is good to include a little bit of your car bonnet with the road.

• Inside Of Rear Window

From this mounting position, you can capture yourself or your body language from the behind.

The whole car from inside will be the main focus of this position, so if you are with a crew members doing fun then from this angles you can include all of the activities in your car.

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