How To Fix Google Store Error Code r013?

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Google Store Error Code R013

Google Store error code r013 is a server-side error that occurs from the Google end. So if you get error code r013 while accessing the Google Store then it’s the fault from Google’s side, not yours.

If you get this error then all you can do is to wait. You have to wait till Google fixes the issue from their side.

Here is the screenshot where Google is admitting that this is the error from their side, not the user’s side. Below I am attaching the screenshot.

Google Store Error Code r013

It’s also possible that Google may throw you some other error messages such as “Unavailable” and “Out of Stock.” etc.

If you get any of these messages, you don’t need to worry, just wait till everything gets back to normal.

Meanwhile, make sure that you have a working internet connection with good speed.

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