GroPro Helmet Mounting Tips & Tricks For Better Safety & Better Filming


Last Updated on August 5, 2020

Go Pro is one of the most popular action camera in the market which let you create stunning videos while stunts, driving, skiing or any other kind of adventure sports.

GroPro Helmet Mounting Tips

There are different ways to mount the GoPro here in this post we will talk about GoPro Helmet Mounting tips and tricks for better safety and filming stunning videos.

1. Clean The Helmet Before Applying Adhesive Mount

Cleaning the helmet before applying the Adhesive is very important for the perfect stick. If helmet contains dust and you applied the Adhesive over it, then it will not stick properly, and if you remove it to reapply, then the dust sticks to the Adhesive.

So it is one shot, so before applying the Adhesive, clean the area of the hamlet properly where you want to use the Adhesive.

2. Flat Or Curved Adhesive Mounts

In the market, there are two kinds of Adhesive available, flat and curved. You can buy any of them because they do the same work, they are just a little bit different in shape.

But many experts and athletes suggest using curved Adhesive because it fits most of the helmets.

3. Use Adhesive In The Warm Room Temperature

It is very important that Adhesive Mount perfectly sticks to the helmet. In order to do that, apply the Adhesive Mount in the warm room temperature, it will help to stick the Adhesive perfectly.

4. After Applying The Adhesive Mount Left It For 24 Hours

This is the last step where you need to left the helmet for 24 hours after applying the Adhesive Mount so you can make sure it perfectly sticks to the hamlet and not going to stick out while recording the Video because if it happens, you are gonna lose your camera.

So by using these three steps, you can be sure that your Adhesive Mount perfectly sticks to the hamlet.

  1. Clean The Surface Of Helmet Before Applying The Adhesive
  2. Apply The Adhesive In The Warm Room Temperature
  3. After Applying The Adhesive Mount Left It For 24 Hours

5. Using Rubber Locking Plug And Camera Tether

Rubber Locking Plug And Camera Tether are the two different product which ensures the safely of GoPro while recording the Video.

How To Use Rubber Locking Plug

  • Use the loop from Rubber Locking Plug and fits to the thumb scrub of the camera.
  • Mount the camera to the “quick release buckle.”
  • Now fit the RubberLocking Plug to the empty space to the “quick release buckle.”
  • You are done

Rubber Locking Plug fills the empty space on the “quick release buckle” to make sure that your camera does detach from the quick release buckle while filming.

Also, with the Rubber Locking Plug, you can improve the video vibration, so you will get much stable and unshaky footage.

How To Use Camera Tether

  • Open up the back door of the camera holder and remove it.
  • You can see the Metal bar on the back door, attach the Camera Tether to the bar.
  • Attach the backdoor
  • Now apply the 3m Adhesive Mount on the Camera Tether to the helmet, so if the Mount breaks, it can save your camera.

We use Camera Tether to ensure the safety of the camera during the accident. If your mount brakes, then the Camera Tether will hold your camera, and you will stay away from the camera damage.

6. Use Anti Fog Inserts In Snow & Cold Environments

If you are skiing or shooting any other kind of Video in the snow or foggy Environments, then you can use the Anti-Fog Inserts so you can make sure your footage does not affect by the Fogg and every time you shoot perfect footage.

7. Use The Gopro App To Find The Perfect Angle Or Frame

After mounting the camera to the helmet, you can use the GoPro App to see the camera angles and frame in the live preview.

Gopro App To Find The Perfect Angle Or Frame

Also, from the app, you can apply different settings.

8. Flat Mount Vs. j Buckle Mount

You have two options; you can use the flat Mount or J Buckle Mount

Flat Mount is commonly used, and Otherside J Buckle Mount is good to capture self-portrait shots.

Flat Mount is to record view of what you are doing or the screen behind you.

In Flat Mount, you can use Rubber Locking Plug to minimize the camera vibration and enhance the camera safely.

But in J Buckel Mount, you can not add a Rubber Locking Plug, so in comparison, flat Mount is good for better quality video.

But for some specific kind of shots, you have to use J Buckle Mount. 

Suppose you want to take some self-portrait shots. This can not be done with the flat-mount, so here you have to use the J Buckle Mount.

9. Use Best Possible Mounting Position

Above we talk about security of GoPro as well as choosing the best Mount. But in term of getting the best footage you have to mount the camera at most suitable position so you can shoot exactly what want to show in the video. Because every mounting position has their own pro & cons. So be careful while choosing the mounting position.

Best Mounting Position On Helmet

  1. Helmet Top Mount
  2. Helmet Side Mount
  3. Helmet Chin Mount

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