How to Fix HBO Max error 201?

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HBO Max Error 201

If you are getting the error code 201 with the HBO Max then stick with this post as we are going to provide some possible workarounds to fix the HBO Max error 201.

How To Fix HBO Max Error 201?

HBO max error 201 is a signup error that is not hard to resolve.

In order to fix the HBO max error code 201 you need to sign in with the username and password of your service provider. 

If in case the HBO Max freezes then you need to force close the app and then try reopening again. If the error persists then quit from your browser, and then relaunch the browser and HBO max.

If the error continues then check if you are using the latest version of the HBO max app and your device’s OS.

By trying the above steps the error should get fixed but if the error still continues then restart your router with your device, and then try again.

But in case you are unlucky and no solution fixes the problem then you should contact HBO Max customer support.

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