How to Play Hearthstone On Chromebook?

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Last Updated on April 25, 2022

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Hearthstone is designed and developed by Blizzard and uses Warcraft lore. This is one of most popular free to play Online games, in which you can win rewards and can also play Individual or Tournaments.

Hearthstone for Chromebook

Hearthstone is a Collectible card game with cash prizes. The game is not for Chromebook as Chromebook is designed for studies and Educational work.

Here in this tutorial we will learn how we can take a back door entry to play Hearthstone on Chromebook.

How to Play Hearthstone On Chromebook?

  • Open Chromebook and open the menu launcher. Click on the Bottom Left of your Screen.
  • No Look for Play Store and select the Playstore.
  • Go to the Playstore search bar and Search for Hearthstone.
  • Download and Install the Hearthstone, You can also check the rating of the game.
  • Once Download completes, click to open Hearthstone. It might take some time.
  • Once it is downloaded click to open it directly from the play store, or you can open hearthstone directly from play store or can be launched from launcher.
  • Sign in from your Blizzard account and play Cards.

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