How To Fix If “Hisense TV Won’t Power On, And Blinks red light”?

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Hisense TV Won’t Turn On, And Blinks red light

If you are looking for a TV at a low cost, then Hisense TVs are a great choice and many people have the same idea when they go and buy the Hisense TVs.

The Chinese electronic goods company also has many other devices but the majority of its market share comes through the sale of Televisions.

The company provides many latest features at a low price and that is what makes the Hisense TV a popular choice among people.

Some users are, however, reporting some common issues with the TV. People have reported that the TV keeps blinking and a red light goes off but the TV does not turn on.

This greatly hampers the experience of users trying to experience a non-interrupted TV experience.

In this article, we will explore how to fix if Hisense TV won’t turn on, and blinks red light. In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the problems causing this issue and the plausible solutions.

Why is “Hisense TV Won’t Turn On, And Blinks red light”?

Many problems might be behind the TV not turning on. To explore the solutions to the same, we need to understand what the problems are.

Reason 1: The power supply to the TV is interrupted

If the power outlet that the TV is connected to is faulty, or the power cables that connect the TV to the outlet are twisted, then the TV will not receive the power that it needs. In this case, the TV will not turn on and you will see a red light.

Reason 2: The input that you have connected to the TV is faulty

To get the TV working, you need to connect the TV to an input device such as a set-top box or a fire stick.

These devices provide you with the input for the hardware that is provided by the TV. If the input device is not working, then the TV will go on standby mode according to the Hisense TV features.

Reason 3: Hardware Problems with the TV

The Hisense device may be malfunctioning due to some internal hardware issue with the TV. Since TVs are made up of many small parts, many things can go wrong. 

Generally, with the TVs, the issue lies with the capacitors of the TV. The issue may lie with the capacitor of the Hisense TV.

Reason 4: LED Backlight Failure

A common issue with the Hisense TVs is that the LED Backlight of the TV stops working. All the inputs to the TV would be working fine but since the LED backlight has failed, you will not be able to see anything on the screen.

In this situation, the TV will be on but still will seem like a lost cause. 

How To Fix “Hisense TV Won’t Turn On, And Blinks red light”?

So now that you know what might be the problem behind your Hisense TV not turning on, the burning question is, what is in your hand to rectify so that the Tv can stop blinking with a red light?

Let us discuss that in this section.

Fix 1: Check the power outlet

The power outlet that is connected to the TV should be checked as the first step. Unplug the TV from the power source and then try connecting some other appliance to the same power outlet.

If the other appliance fails to work too, you need to repair the old outlet and connect the TV to another outlet in the meantime.

Fix 2: Check the Power Cord

Sometimes, due to the poor placement of power cords and connecting cables, there occurs some twisting. This cable twisting can lead to the break of connecting cables or cords. 

These breaks in the cable are not only a hurdle for the TV performance but are also a potential fire hazard. 

There is also a very serious risk of electrocution with the exposed wires. This is probably the most serious thing on the list that you should deal with on a priority basis.

Replace the broken cables and then put cable covers for extra safety.

Fix 3: Check the input source

As we have mentioned above, the Hisense TVs are only a box unless some input is provided to them from a set-top box or internet connection.

If the set-top box that you have connected to the TV is not functioning due to any reason, then the TV will keep blinking with a red light and not turn on. In such cases, make sure that all the wires connected to the input device are firm and in place.

If you further suspect a problem with the input that you cannot solve, you should contact the support for the same.

Fix 4: TV Reset

If you are sure that the hardware of your TV is working fine and there is some issue with the software, then you should try to reset the TV as the last resort.

Before you take this step, keep in mind that you will need to set up all your preferences once again as the TV will erase everything and go to factory mode.

Here is how you can reset your Hisense TV.

  • Unplug the TV from the power source as well as the input sources.
  • Locate the Power button on the TV and press it for at least 30 seconds.
  • Leave the TV in the rest mode for about half an hour.
  • Plug in the TV and switch it on.

Fix 5: LED Backlight Failure

This is a hardware issue with the Hisense TV. It is a very common problem addressed by many users of this device.

The input and the rest of the TV parts will be working in perfect unison but you will not receive any picture on the screen due to the LED Backlight being shot. 

In such cases, you have no choice but to call in a professional to get the LED Backlight changed. In some serious cases, they will replace the entire screen to get the TV to work.

Fix 6: Other Hardware issues

When there are hardware issues with any device that you purchase, there is very little you can do to fix the device on your own. This is because you do not have the knowledge or the tools to replace and repair the hardware.

In such cases, you will always need to call a professional to help you.

If your device is on warranty, then you are in luck as the device will get fixed for almost no cost at all and if it is seriously shot, you might even receive a replacement piece based on the terms of your warranty.


Hisense TV devices are a popular choice among users but they also have a lot of complaints. This is natural with any technology device as they contain many different parts that need to work perfectly in unison to keep the device working perfectly.

Unfortunately, sometimes small parts malfunction and have a significant effect on the device’s function.

We have made a list of the problems and the solutions that have helped other Hisense users online and compiled them in this article.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. Keep following for more informative articles.

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