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In this post, we are trying to answer most asked questions about the Hohem iSteady Mobile+ Gimbal. These frequently answered questions will help you clear all of your doubts about the Hohem iSteady Mobile+ so you can decide whether you should buy or not this product. Also you can read our latest review about Best iPhone Gimbal 2020

1. What is the warranty policy for the product?
They provide 12 months of warranty with the product.

2. What is the return policy for the product?
They provide 12 months of warranty, if you face any issue you can contact them at, they have active support and they promise to reply within 12 hours

3. Is it works with the iPhone 11 Pro?
Yes, it will work fine with the iPhone XS, becasue the product is compatible with the iPhone XS max so definitely it will work with the smaller phones.

4. Adding a clip-on zoom lens will create any issue with the balancing?
No there is no issue.

5. Which are the compatible Android phones?
Samsung S9, Samsung S8+, Samsung note8, Samsung S8, Samsung S6, Samsung S5, Huawei P10, Huawei P20, Huawei VNS-TL00, Huawei Mate7, Huawei Glory V10, Huawei P20Pro, OPPO R11, OPPO R7, VIVO X6L, VIVO X21A ,VIVO X9,VIVO Y85A,STF-AL10,Sony Z1,Sony Z2,Sony Z3,Meizu Charm Blue, Charm Blue Note6, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi Note3, Xiaomi 5, Xiaomi 6X.

6. Does It Extend?
No it does not extend you have to adjust your hand to balance.

7. Will it work like the selfie mode?
Yes, it works fine in the selfie mode.

8. Is it waterproof?
No Hohem iSteady Mobile+ is not waterproof.

9. Is it support play & pause instead of play & stop?
No, it does not support play & pause, you can not pause between the videos. So you have to end the video if you want to stop anywhere.

10. Does the button still work to record using my iPhone camera app?
Yes, the phone camera button still works while using the gimbal.

11. Is its software support Razer Phone 2?
Maybe not, we are not sure that their software supports Razer phone 2.

12. Is there any service center available in India?
No, they have not any service store in India

13. Is the app and its interface accessible via talkback for use by a blind person?
No, it not includes a talkback.

14. Will it support external mics?
Yes, it is possible to use an external mic, it includes two attachments points.

15. Is the motor loud enough that it will pick up by the mic?
No, it is silent so it will not pick by the MIC.

16. Will this support with a GoPro?
Yes, it will work with the GoPro but you have to get an adapter and also it will not link to the GoPro.

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