How To Fix honda CRV And Accord radio Error code e?

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Honda CRV And Accord Radio Code Error E

If you are getting the error code E with the honda crv or accord radio then don’t worry because in this post we are going to share everything about this error, and how you can fix it.

Honda CRV or accord radio code error E is a protection fault code which means that there is any problem with the car’s audio system. And it can happen for so many reasons such as a loose connection, any added accessory is creating the error, or there is any problem with the software.

To resolve the Honda CRV or accord radio code error E you need to disconnect the negative battery cable and wait for around one to three minutes. Doing this will reset the code. After that, turn on your radio and enter a 5-digit radio code.

How To Fix Honda CRV or accord radio code error e?

Steps 1: Reset The Code

First, you have to reset the codes, and to do that you need to disconnect the battery for 10 minutes.

If in case disconnecting the batteries for 10 minutes does not reset the code then disconnect the battery for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 2: Enter The 5-digit radio code

Once the radio code is reset you need to enter the 5-digit radio code.

If you forget your car radio code then check on your glove box to get the radio code, it will be a 5-digit number.

If you are unable to find the radio code on the glove box then check your owner’s manual.

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