How To Fix Hoover Tumble Dryer Error Code e21?

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Hoover Tumble Dryer Error Code e21

When you are looking to reduce the clothes drying time in half, you should use a tumble dryer but if you are on this page, we assume that you already have one from the brand Hoover.

This brand is really popular with clients due to its great product and service operations.

However, there are times when you would want to avoid contacting the support team and try to solve the issues on your own, especially the small ones.

To facilitate this, Hoover has tagged the issues with specialized error codes. This helps in understanding the issue that you are facing.

In this article, we will discuss How to fix Hoover Tumble Dryer Error code e21.

This error code means that the condenser pump of the Hoover Tumble dryer is not working properly. 

Let’s discuss the different issues and the solutions that could help you get the dryer back to top shape.

How to solve the error code e21 on Hoover Tumble Dryer?

The Hoover tumble dryer might look totally simple on the outside but there is complex machinery in function internally to get you the best results possible.

There are different parts working in cohesion to get the dryer to work. When you experience the error code e21, this means that one of the parts for the dryer which is the condenser, in this case, has stopped working to its full potential. Here is how you can fix this problem.

Fix 1: There is excess water in the condenser

If there is excess water left in the condenser for the dryer, this can cause the error code e21 to show up uninvited.

In this case, you will need to clean the excess water and you will be good to go. 

Before you take this step, unplug the dryer from all the power outlets. Now find the condenser and carefully remove it from the dryer. Clean the condenser, let it dry out for some time, and then put it back in the right place. This should solve the issue if it was with the condenser water at all.

Fix 2: The pump is blocked

The dryer pump can get blocked with the lint that gets accumulated in the dryer after a while. This issue is avoidable if you regularly clean the dryer including the pump. 

However, if you are just finding out about this and have never cleaned the dryer from the lint before, you might have a problem on your hands.

Take the time to clean the dryer machinery and also take a look at the pump for any blockages.

If you find that the pump was blocked, flush it and see if your error code goes away.

Fix 3: Broken dryer pump

Due to exceptional stress on the dryer, the machinery of the dryer could break. This includes the pump.

If the pump is broken, then the water will get accumulated in the dryer which will cause issues with the dryer. The issues like the error code e21.

When you open the dryer, you should check for any broken pieces of the dryer pump. Also, check for the tiny cracks on the pump. They also might be involved in leaking water from the pump.

If the pump is found to be damaged, you will need to replace it.

Fix 4: The heater element is not performing

The heating element of the dryer is responsible for heating up the clothes. This speeds up the drying process with the clothes. 

If the heating element of the dryer is not working quite as it is supposed to, you might see the error code e21.

The heating element could just stop working without explanation or it could also be involved in a minor short circuit.

Either way, this is something technical that you will need to get repaired. This is also because the entire thing might need to be replaced and only an experienced technician can provide insight into it.

Fix 5: Contact the technician from the official Hoover support team

The official Hoover support team is available for helping you with the issues that you might be facing with the dryer.

They will send a technician your way so that you can get the dryer looked at. If the dryer is in the warranty period, you might get access to free repairs and even a replacement piece if the entire thing is shot.

Do take advantage of your warranty period and be aware of what services you are entitled to from the support team.

To conclude

The error code e21 on the Hoover Tumble Dryer usually means that you should expect an issue with the condenser.

Occasionally, the error also shows up with the other elements of the dryer like the heating element. 

We have mentioned the solutions that you can execute on your own as well as the fixes that a technician will help you with.

We hope that this article was a helpful resource in helping you take your pick. Keep following for more technical advice.

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