All You Need To Know About Hoversurf Hoverbike S3

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The S3 is the latest hover bike from Hoversurf. With hover vehicles fast becoming a trend, the S3 is a revolutionary new vehicle from Hoversurf which aims at a more comfortable ride as compared to its predecessors while at the same time trying to reduce weight for more speed.


Weight – 114 kg (around 253 pounds)

Battery – The battery is made of a special combination of lithium, manganese and nickel with a capacity of 12.3 kWh

Safe flight altitude – 5 meters (16 feet) above the ground

Top speed – 96 kmph (60 mph)

Run time – 40 minutes on drone mode and 10-25 minutes with a rider, depending on weight and weather conditions.

Features Hoversurf Hoverbike S3

The structure of the S3 is very rigid and sturdy, which is mainly due to the fact that the whole frame is made using a single element. Hoversurf has used different types of carbon fibre technology to build the frame of the S3.

The carbon fibre body structure also reduces the weight by a factor of 2 as compared to the earlier aluminium models. Because of the weight reduction by its single element carbon fibre frame, it allows for the addition of a battery of higher capacity which leads to increased run time.

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It comes with a new portable home charging pack. It can quick charge the S3 in as little as 2.5 hours without removing the batteries. When using the drone simply in drone mode, the battery can last you up to 40 minutes whereas with a rider, it can stay up for 10-25 minutes depending upon the weight of the rider and the weather conditions.

The pilot’s seat is more comfortable even while in the air due to improved ergonomics. Even while being 16 feet in the air, you will not feel like you have left the ground (at least not until you look down).

The S3 is created keeping in mind ease of mobility and as such, its dimensions are such that it can be rolled through a standard doorway while also being able to take-off and land from an ordinary parking space. So, don’t fear thinking it will be hard for you to get it inside.

The axes in this model are spaced 5 cm (1.19 in) apart. This has been carefully designed in order to increase the stability of the S3. The hover bike’s safe flight altitude is said to be 5 meters or 16 feet but the pilot (or is it rider?) can adjust this limit according to his own comfortability.

The battery has been specially built for this machine with a special chemistry of lithium manganese nickel (LiNiMnCoO2). It makes it more powerful because of the safety and low resistance provided by manganese while combining it with the high energy provided by nickel. This allows for a higher discharge current without the need of any protective built-in circuits.

The S3 comes equipped with four 3-bladed propellers which are made of carbon and that actually creates 10% lower sound as compared to a double-bladed propeller. The propellers above and below create a difference in air pressure which makes a passive cooling system. This allows for increased engine power, with each of its engines having a 33kWh power.

The S3 comes with other built-in additions such as –

  • Auto Take-off (AT)
  • Auto Landing (AL)
  • Altitude hold
  • Manual Controls
  • Remote Controlled Controls

The S3 can be controlled manually with the aid of two joysticks which are provided on the machine. The joysticks are adjustable according to the convenience of the rider. The joysticks are made of special LiDAR material which is durable in any kind of weather.

How Much Secure Hoverbike S3

The S3 model is made as secure as possible. The flight computer consists of three separate blocks, with each having its own processor. This means that even if one fails to work somehow, the other two will keep running without being affected. The three blocs are connected by a CAN bus.

Besides this, the S3 also comes with a triple layered security system. The three layers include electronic, mechanical and passive.

  • Electronic – The electronic layer controls security through emergency landing, sound & visual warning system and anti-interference screening features.
  • Mechanical – The mechanical layer basically consists of a kill switch in case if the S3 is not functioning properly.
  • Passive – The passive layer is more of a reinforcement for the pilot complete with embedded deformation zones, power fences and other protective elements.

How You Can Buy Hoverbike S3 2019

At the moment, the S3 is only available only in the United States of America but there are talks of world wide distribution starting soon.

The Hoversurf S3 2019 is a limited-edition machine which sells for a net price of a USD 150,000.

You need to reserve a S3 for delivery in 2-6 months. The reservation requires a USD 10,000 payment which can be made through Pay Pal.

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