How HR workers in technology companies streamline employment background checks?

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how to company hr perform Employee Background Checks

Streamlining a recruitment process has been one of the plus signs of IT improvement, and the technology companies are jumping on the bandwagon of streamlining their recruitment process with the help of these technologies.

HRs are having much less torture with their paperworks, ans documemntation process. Now, then can ensure whether they are hiring the right person with the right background in minutes.

In this excerpt below we will get into a deep dive on how this recruitment process is getting streamlined with the help of online services, and technology.

Why employee background checks Is Important?

No matter how well the employee works, if you are hiring someone with a past criminal history, drug abuse with no record of rehabilitation, and even a DUI and it is later revealed somehow, your company will have a bad reputation.

However, it is almost impossible to get a police check done manually on everyone.

You can ask your employee to get their own police check done, and then send you their report but how authentic is that going to be?

This is why getting a thorough background check on your employee before they are officially hired under a contract is very important.

how company hr perform employee background checks?

These are some of the common ways technology companies are now streamlining background checks for employees.

1. Online Services

There are services which provide a thorough police check on every employee information you send them. They have a streamlined way to recheck every document sent by their employees.

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E-verify the identification, and even recheck the social security number provided by the employee. Some of the common reasons why one might need an online check are as follows.

– Any previous DUI, and the verdict for it. Get the best police check verification done from police check Victoria.

  • Any falsified arrest.
  • Previous drug abuse record, and if there is any record of rehabilitation.
  • Education verification to ensure what they have written on their CV is correct.
  • Sex offence verification.
  • Tracing the social security number.
  • Employment verification.

Once you get a positive result on all this check, you are finally assured of hiring a good employee for your company.

2. ATS Integration

When there are too many applications it is difficult to even streamline, forget reviewing.

With the ATS integration which is the Applicant Tracking System the HR department has been able to provide concentrated application based on the needs of the company.

However, some technology companies have been able to take this to the next step.

They have integrated background check along with ATS technology to prevent double applications.

Eliminating all the double applications is time consuming. Therefore, with a background check whenever an employee is submitting one application, they are automatically not allowed to submit another one.

3. Paperless Drug Screening Technology

Drug screening process is time consuming for any employee. Especially when it is mandatory for ensuring that your employees or potential ones are indulging in any illegal activity.

However, getting all the people under a particular schedule is tough, and then there comes the scheduling delay and rescheduling.

This is how paperless application, and booking appointments are getting more popular.

There is why we need paperless screening as it helps employees to do everything online, and simply pick the best time to go for their test.

4. Tailor Made Applications

Taylor made applications to help recruiting managers as it skips through the process of filtering.

There is a particular criteria of education, and experience which everyone is looking for, and with tailor made applications only eligible candidates can submit applications.

These applications will also include education proof, ID proof, and previous employment proof without which the potential candidate will not be able to submit the application.

This helps the HR to not revive applications from candidates who are faking their education or qualification.

benefit Of Automating Background Check

There are certain criteria which are approved by FCRA when you go hire an employee. Certina police check evidence will force you to further investigate the matter.

– You have to let the potential employee know that an investigation might be carried out on their name.

– They should get the time to prove things otherwise before the investigation commences.

– This whole process can take some time, but with the help of steralined verification, and background check this process can get easier.

1. Simplified Recruitment

Recruitment used to take a huge amount of time because of the filtering so that the recruiting managers get a shortlisted version of it.

With the help of streamlining you give the criteria and the application already comes shortlisted.

You are able to verify identification, and get an authentic police check without worrying about fake documentation, and forgery.

2. Authentic Results

Asking your employees to get a police check can end you with fake ones. Therefore, there is no security to this matter. If you get a credible online service to get a background change can make all the difference.

With a secured background check, you should be able to build a better and trustworthy relationship with your employees. These technologies also keep the record up to date.

Do not worry, your employees will have enough privacy. Most of the documentation will remain between you and your employee. 

3. Time Saving

Background screening keeps changing with a change of social security numbers, and even named after marriage. It is time consuming to go through the entire process each year to put the changes up on the record.

However, with these streamlined background checking you will be able to get up-to-date data.

Your employees can consent to a background check with the digital entry, and the checks can commerce with their disclosure.

This will continue as they keep uploading necessary documents through alerts. This will also help your potential employee to sign an electrical disclosure rather than a physical one to go one board with police check, and other verification.

All in all, it is a quick process since everyone doesn’t have to be physically present in order to get their background check done.

There is ATS technology which helps you to track your candidate with where they are, and prevent any delay in hiring.

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