How Much Video Can Per Gb SD Card Card Hold? Everything You Need To Know

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This is one of the most common questions that how much videos and photos will store on our SD card.

This is also important to find when you are planning for a trip, so you can carry the Sd card as per your need, and you will not be out of the storage.

So in this post, we will let you know that much of videos, 4k Videos, Photos, & Songs can be stored per GB to an SD card.

The size of any kind of file depends on its quality; a high-quality 4K video will obviously take much space than an average video.

How Much Video Can Per Gb Card Hold?

So as the quality of the file will increase, more space it will require, and as a result, you will store less item in your SD card.

Below we are going to explain everything in the table format, so you can easily find that, how many videos or any other kind of file will be stored in your SD card.

In our table, we are just giving the idea of average storage capacity; this data can differ a little bit in a different scenario.

Video file size mainly depends on the video resolutions, and there are other factors too which play a major role in deciding the video size.

Factors Affecting Video Size

  1. Video Resolution
  2. Video Bitrate
  3. Frame Rate
  4. Video Length
  5. File Format

Number Of Minutes Of Video That Can Be Stored On A SanDisk Memory Device

Recording Speed Minutes Per 1 GB
24 Mbps 5 Min
17 Mbps 7.5 min
13 Mbps 10 Min
9 Mbps 13.75 min
8 Mbps 15 Min
6 Mbps 20 Min

This is the number of minutes of Video that can be stored on a SanDisk memory per GB for a particular Recording speed.

You can multiply the no of mins to the no of GB to find how many minutes of Video will be stored on your Memory card.

Like, If you record the Video at 24 Mbps recording speed, then in 1 GB, you can store 5 Min of Video.

So for 32 GB, it will store 32*5= 160 Min, 2 Hours, 40 Min.

Recording Speed Min Per 1Gb Min Per 16GB Min Per 32GB Min Per 64GB Min Per 128GB Min Per 256GB Min Per 512GB Min Per 1TB
24 Mbps 5 Min 1hr, 20 Min 160 Min 320 Min 640 Min 1280 Min 2560 Min 5120 Min
17 Mbps 7.5 min 120 Min 240 Min 480 Min 960 Min 1920 Min 3840 Min 7680 Min
13 Mbps 10 Min 160 Min 320 Min 640 Min 1280 Min 2560 Min 5120 Min 10240 Min
9 Mbps 13.75 min 220 Min 440 Min 880 Min 1760 Min 3520 Min 7040 Min 14080 Min
8 Mbps 15 Min 240 Min 480 Min 960 Min 1920 Min 3840 Min 7680 Min 15360 Min
6 Mbps 20 Min 320 Min 640 Min 1280 Min 2560 Min 5120 Min 10240 Min 20480 Min

How Much 4k video Per GB Can Hold

Below for example we telling you much  space (GB) a 4K video at 30 Frame rate required.

4k @30 FPS Minutes Per 1 GB
1GB 1.25 Min
32GB 40 min
64GB 1 Hour 20 Min
128GB 2 Hour 40
256GB 5 Hour 20 Min
512GB 10 Hour 40 Min
1TB 14 Hour 20 Min

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