How Popcorn Time Making Money With The App?

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Popcorn Time is a streaming app where you can stream and download movies for free of cost. So the question arises that how Popcorn Time makes money? Because most of the streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu make money by selling their subscription.

So the answer is, Popcorn Time makes money by selling its own VPN service. Yes, they do not show any ads to the user like most of the free streaming app.

The paid streaming apps do not show ads because they are taking money from users for the monthly subscription. But Popcorn Time has no subscription but still, it is ads-free.

How Popcorn Time Making Money

Problem With Free Streaming Apps

The main problem with most free streaming apps and websites are ads. They show too many ads. Especially free streaming websites, the ads on free streaming sites can give you a headache.

But we can say that Popcorn Time is a headache-free and pocket-friendly streaming solution.

VPN Subscription

Many times while using the app you will see a pop-up message that “Popcorn Time Stream Torrents. Use a VPN to stay protected whole torrenting”

Here the app suggests users to buy their own VPN subscription and this is their only way of making money.

Is Popcorn Time Sell User Information?

The app does not sell any user information because they never ask their user to submit their personal information.

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The app never asks to create an account by filling your personal information to access the app. You just install the app and start using it without creating any account.

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