What Are Discord Bots & How to add bots to Discord?

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In the following article today, I will try to cover up all the important points that there is to know when it comes to discord bots and steps on how to add them to your discord servers.

I have tried to lay out all the steps in the most detailed and easiest way possible for your own ease and convenience.

So, without any further delay, let us start off learning and implementing the required knowledge and steps to successfully “Add Bots to Discord Servers”.

How To Add Bots To Discord

The Step by step guide to add BOTS to Discord Servers

The most important section of our topic at hand today. In this section, I will guide you through all the necessary steps required in order to successfully “Add a Bot or Bots to one’s Discord Server”.

NOTE: In order to be able to add a bot to a server you created or a server you have joined, it is a must that you are an administrator of the server where you want to add bots and make changes too. Hence, before you make any kind of changes, do check your permission or authority over the server you are working on.

If it is not a server you have created, then ask for the original owner of the server to make you the administrator of the server.

And, as in the case of a server which you have created on your own, you are automatically made the administrator of that server.

So, now that we have understood the main difference between a server created and a server joined. I guess we can head further into the steps needed to follow in order to add bots to servers.

  1. The first Step is to create and register for an account on the Discord app website. If you already have one, then that is well and good. You can directly log in to it and follow the rest of the steps.
  2. In the second step, after you have successfully registered and logged in to your account, you will need to enable “Manage Server” permission by going to the General Permission tab under your account sidebar.
  3. After you have enabled the Manage server, you will then need to visit any one of the following websites Carbonitex or Bots on Discord.
  4. Now, once you are on either of the above websites, all you need to do is search for your desired bots which you think will be able to meet your requirements and get the job done.
  5. Once you find the bot of your choice, simply select it and click on the “Add Bot to Server” button in case of Carbonitex, click on the “Invite” button when you are in the Bots on Discord website.\
  6. After that has been done, you should be next taken to a Consent screen where you will need to select the server you want to add the bot too.
  7. Then once all the required options have been selected and marked. Next, you will simply need to click on the “Authorize” button and Voila! You have yourself a smart and fun server.

Follow all the steps to successfully add bots to the discord server.

If you have landed here without any knowledge of Discord, then we have covered all the important topics for you to understand.

Obviously, many of you already know what Discord is or can be used for.

Still, there is always some newbie among us who have just landed up here out of mere curiosity. So, below is the section to give them a small head start.

What is Discord?

Basically, if you are someone who is into online gaming or, says, multiplayer gaming, then most often, you may have had occasions where you wished you could communicate with your online teammates better or simply make the interactions a bit more fun and interesting.

Hence, just to take care of that desire of yours, there is Discord.

This online platform or app is an “All in one voice and text chat for gamers”. And, do you know what the most fun part about this app is.

It is totally free and easy to use. Also, it is totally secured and can be made to run anywhere, be it your PC or simply your Android or iOS devices.

But again, what is it that makes Discord stand out from all the rest of the online gaming communication services. 

Well, the answer is pretty simple. Discord or Discord servers give you the ability to add bots to them, which in turn helps to add up some really sleek and amazing features to one’s owned or administered Discord server(s). 

Due to this amazing ability, Discord is so popular and is widely used by gamers from all across the globe.

What are Discord Bots?

Now that you have looked into what Discord or Discord servers are and can do.

I guess it would be a better idea to know and understand a few things about the bots who are basically behind the different operations.

This should help you get a better understanding of Discord servers and how it actually works.

Discord Bots are nothing more but simply computer programs that have been designed smartly to work as online bots.

The main purpose of such bots is to decrease your work as well as automatically take care of them without you having to do anything. So, it just like any other robot’s or bot’s main purpose is to decrease manual labor.

Similarly, the main purpose of Discord bots is also to the same. That is, to decrease your manual labor and turn your server into an automated system which is able to interact with other humans or users automatically.

But again, while selecting bots for your Discord server, you must be careful and aware of what bots you are adding.

As many times depending upon the way, these bots are designed and programmed. They can either be very useful and fun or simply useless and annoying.

So, it is very important that you choose your bots very carefully according to your needs.

Where can you find bots?

Well, finding a good bot for your server is as important as creating a server if you ask me.

There are only a few places over the Internet where you can actually find quality bots to get the job you want to be done.

So, where to find them?

Although, you will find lots of sites or sources from where you can download or add bots to your server. But, in my opinion, it is always better if you stick to the most secure and popular sites of all like:

Top 3 sites to Find best Discord Bots

These are the top 3 sites to find the best discord bot all over the world. A more secure and safe way to have fun through discords.

Also, for those of you who think you like it hardcore and know your stuff good, feel free to visit Github and explore the vast world of new and crazy bots developed every day by some cool developers out there. 

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