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Depending solely on SEO and marketing tools to bring in traffic to your website can be quite risky. Since, popular search engines like Google and Bing often make changes to their search algorithms.

This can greatly affect your website’s ranking, if the traffic you managed to gather primarily depends on such tools. The reason being that such marketing and SEO tools are usually developed around search engine algorithms as mentioned above.

And hence, when working on strategies to bring in traffic to your websites and business. A mix and match of methods with and without the use of content marketing tools always work great to provide the best results.

how To Boost Your Traffic Without Content Marketing Tools

Perks of boosting traffic without content marketing tools

Well, when it comes to boosting traffic, sometimes just sticking to the very basic and fundamental of methods can bag quite the rewards. This is simply because when it comes to boosting traffic for a particular website. There are mainly two ways to do so.

One with the help of professional SEO and marketing tools of course. And the other with simply following traditional or more conventional methods which help bring organic traffic to your website. 

For those of you who have already been engaged with digital marketing or blogging for some time now. I am pretty sure you must have definitely come across the term ‘organic traffic’ or say ‘organic search’.

However, for those of you who have heard of  these terms for the first time, organic traffic or results are nothing more than those which come up automatically without the influence of paid advertisements and paid SEO strategies. 

I will not go into the details of organic searches and traffic here, since it is a separate topic on its own. But, when it comes to boosting traffic organically, there is possibly nothing better than doing it conventionally without the use of any SEO and marketing tools out there.

This is because, whenever Google comes up with a new algorithm or change in its policy. It is always the websites, highly dependent upon paid SEO and marketing strategies that suffer.

Hence, to keep everything in balance and stay steady for a longer time, it is always a good idea to keep both free as well as paid strategies in use to make the most. 

With two strategies in mix and match, you should be able to achieve the optimal results for your website and business without a doubt. 

Top 5 ways to boost your traffic without content marketing tools

In the following section, I’ll try to list five of the best free strategies out there with whose help boosting your traffic should not be a problem at all.

Here, obviously to make up for what you could achieve with the help of paid SEO and marketing tools, you will instead need to take care of it with your time and energy. 

There is actually nothing to sugarcoat here. The five strategies I’ll be laying out in front of you need quite the dedication and persistence. So, until and unless you are sure about these two factors, jumping into this straight would not prove to be a good choice. 

But, on the other hand if you have a small budget to spare and go on with a mix and match approach, then Digital Marketing services in Austin by Impressive Digital may be just the thing for you. 

From boosting traffic to generating leads to helping you grow overall can be all done with Impressive Digital. This of course is only when you have a little budget to spare or are looking for a helping hand to get the most optimum results by investing so little. 

Now, coming back to the free strategies you can use to boost your traffic pretty much organically. Let us have a look at the following:

1. Content Marketing

This basically means marketing your content without the use of ‘tools’. Content marketing in the simplest of forms is nothing more than creating content which is quality centric and worthy of appreciation.

When you say ‘Content is King’, it actually means that there is nothing more superior or better than Content which is Quality Driven

In order to generate quality content, you obviously need to invest the equivalent time, energy and skills required. Without this coming up with good content or content which holds an edge over others is not always possible. 

Now, here content can actually be of any form. It does not always necessarily need to be a written blog or post.

But, instead can be any kind of content ranging from Visual content like infographics, social media posts to audio content like podcasts, audio books to video content such as Youtube Videos, reels and so on.

As long as the quality of your content meets the demand of your target audience, it will definitely sell. And in the process help you gain the traffic which you and your business so much desire.

2. Engaging in Social Media 

Having a social media account for your business and interacting with fans and followers can be a huge gain, when it comes to generating and redirecting traffic to your official website. 

Today, more than half of the world population are always online over social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and so on. So, being able to attract users from these platforms and promoting your business in such social fronts can greatly help convert leads. 

Tagging people and rival businesses on your posts as well as creating polls about an idea or recent product can greatly help in attracting your target audience as well as give them something to think upon.

This way you are not actually enforcing something upon them. But, rather giving them an opportunity to connect with your business on their own terms. 

3. Guest Blogging

If you think you have the skills or means of creating good content. Then, giving Guest Blogging a try should pose no harm. 

For those of you who are not very familiar with the term Guest Blogging. It basically describes posting blog posts in someone else’s website or blog and building a link back from there to your website in return.

This is the more conventional approach where you follow a give and take approach. Instead of giving them a quality article to post on their website, you in turn receive a favor of redirecting a little amount of traffic from theirs to yours.

4. Email Marketing

One of the most conventional and free ways to promote your business online as well as gather organic traffic, is with the help of Emails. The method where you direct traffic to your website with the help of persuasive Emails sent to your target audience is known as Email Marketing

The method can be quite powerful and effective, if the emails sent are persuasive and compelling in nature. The more audience oriented the emails, the better the results.

To get the most optimal results out of the following approach, it is normally a good idea to create emails which talk more about what your audience needs or might need, instead of straight away talking about your business or products.

5. Optimizing your Website and Content

This actually is one of the most fundamental and basic things to do and keep in check for your website to excel among its peers. With an optimized and well designed website, keeping your audience engaged becomes quite easy and simple. 

If your website is not well optimized and takes longer than usual to load. Then it is pretty obvious that your audience would feel disappointed at the very beginning and would not prefer visiting your site unless very necessary. 

Hence, small things like this can also play a huge role in helping your website generate the traffic it so hopes to achieve.

Just by figuring out how to optimize your website as well as your content with the right keywords and phrases can help you attract more and more traffic and rank your website further as expected.

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