How to connect Chromebook With TV?

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Are you trying to connect the Chromebook to your TV to cost it. If yes then in this post we are going to tell you how you can do this.

How To Connect Chromebook With TV

How to connect Chromebook To TV?

Note: You will require is HDMI cable, and an adapter which allows HDMI cable to be plugged into a usb-c port.

  • Connect HDMI cable into laptop
  • If adapter is needed 1st connect HDMI cord with adapter and then plug in adapter in USB-C ports on the side of the laptop.
  • Now fit another cord into TV.
  • Now switch on the chromebook, and confirm “connected” if pop-up appears.
  • TV settings has to changed as per appropriate channel, like HDMI 3 HDMI4.
  • After completing all this process, desktop background appears on the TV.
  • To See complete display of Chromebook onto your TV, Go to TV settings from the launcher.
  • Go to “advanced” tab and Select “device” followed by Display.
  • Scroll down and search for “Arrangement section”.
  • Find the “Mirror internal Display” and click on it.

Now all your Chromebook display can be seen on the TV, and now you can play any app, such as Youtube, Amazon prime, netflix or any of your Customized video with the help of Chromebook.

Switch off Chromebook Screen while watching it only on TV. Press and hold Decrease Brightness button until it fades. Now your chromebook content will only be seen in the TV mode.

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