How To Disable Hancom Office Editor To Android Phones?

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Last Updated on September 23, 2023

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Hancom is an office editor for Android, Windows, IOS, and MAC, if you are not having Microsoft office in your device so you can use Hancom as an alternative.

Many phone manufacturers treat Hancom as a featured application which comes pre-installed, and Samsung is one of the manufacturers who treats Hancom as an bloatware. And because it is bloatware system application so you can not delete it from your phone. So if you are thinking or trying to delete the Hancom from the device so you can not do it.

But you can do one thing to avoid interruption, you can disable the app so it will not show and do not use any of the phone resources.

How To Disable The Hancom Office Editor?

  • Go to the phone setting.
  • Choose apps setting.
  • Now choose system apps, as you will tap app setting it will show you all of the bloatware and installed application.
  • Select Hancom and disable it.

Features of Hancom Office Editor

  1. You can check real-time meaning from the offline or online dictionary.
  2. Provide you also some of the more editing tools for a neat and clean editing
  3. You can also use formulas to your excel for the quick result to save much of your time.
  4. You can easily add web video to the documents
  5. You can easily share the documents with the others
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