How To Download And Install Kodi On Boxee Box? A Step By Step Guide?

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Are you trying to download and set up Kodi on Boxee Box? Here in this post we provide the exact steps to do this.

If you are searching for a single place to watch movies, TV shows and also want to listen along with the latest videos of sports, Kodi is the application for you. 

Kodi is a free, open-source, and award-winning application, it’s been around for almost two decades. Though it was first planned for the Microsoft Xbox, its unique title is Xbox Media Center (XBMC. 

How To Download Kodi On Boxee Box

Kodi has been accessible since 2002 when it was known as the Xbox Media Player. In 2003, it turned into the Xbox Media Center, which it stayed until 2014. Then, XBMC Foundation, which works in the background to convey the service, renamed it Kodi.

Kodi media application is easy to download and compatible with devices such as OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, and even the Raspberry Pi series of microcomputers.

For iOS users, the procedure is a bit complex as iPhone users need to confirm, their phone is jailbroken before downloading Kodi. 

How Does Kodi Work?

Kodi is designed to run on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi, which means you can put it on the entirety of your gadgets and access where you want. You can also run it on TVs and set-top boxes and other gadgets, such as Boxee Box.

The free application gives a great functionality you’d find in the different applications, but since it’s a Universal Windows App.

Setup And Install Kodi Application on Boxee Box

The installation process of  Kodi on the D-Link Boxee Box is a cake-walk. 

The installation of  device is . To use this app in your device all you need to follow the underneath instructions.

Note: Your device must install Boxee+Hacks before installing the app to gain the root access.

  • Go the official website and download the Install.Zip file
  • Format your USB drive FAT 32 with label BOXEE.
  • Copy the all the “Install” Zip file on your USB.
  • Insert the USB on the Boxee Box and set up the device.
  • Find and tap on Settings, Network, Servers and enable the Windows File Sharing option.
  • From your Host name add: sh /media/BOXEE/ and check it looks like boxeebox;sh /media/BOXEE/
  • Restart your device to begin the installation procedure. Now access to the root device.

Install Kodi On Rooted Device

  • Once installing the Boxee on your device, now install the Kodi app.
  • First of all, download an updated version of the app from the website.
  • Now open the Zip file and extract the files from the Kodi folder.
  • Next, install the application by choosing the downloaded install folder.
  • Now you are done. A Kodi app is installed in your device. 

By following the above-given steps, you can set-up and install the Kodi on your Boxee Box. After installing, you are open to watching thousands of videos, movies, TV shows, and more.

One more attractive feature of Kodi is, you can record the live video or other content. This is a totally legal application so you can download and stream videos completely safe online with this app. 

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