How To Enable Add-Ons In Private Or Incognito Mode For Chrome, Safari, Firefox , And Others Browsers

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Are you unable to find all of your browsers extensions when you are browsing privately in Incognito mode? Then here is the guide to enable them Browser Extensions in any web browser.

Incognito or Private mode is a privacy feature by the browsers where your browsing history does not be stored, so as you close the Incognito window, all of your browsing history is gone.

Enable Extension In Chrome Incognito Mode

By default, chrome extensions are disabled for the Incognito mode, so you have to manually enable each of the extension.

Steps You Need To Follow

  • Tap on the menu icon (Three Dot) from the top right corner
  • Choose more tools
  • Tap on extensions
  • Go to the extension which you want to enable and tap on details
  • Scroll down to “Allow In Incognito” and enable it

Enable Add-Ons In Private Or Incognito Mode

Enable Extension In Firefox & Safari Incognito Mode

By default all add-ons are automatically enabled for private mode In Firefox & Safari, so you do not need to do anything.

And if you are unable to find the add-on in the private window, then it is a problem of the add-on. You should try any other extension, or contact the developer.

Enable Extension In Chromium Based Browsers

The steps to enable addons in all Chromium-based browsers are some, and all of these browsers are required to manually enable addon in private mode.

List Of Popular Chromium Based Browsers

  1. Vivaldi
  2. Opera
  3. Opera Neon
  4. Brave
  5. Microsoft Edge
  6. Opera GX
  7. Epic Privacy
  8. SRWare Iron
  9. Comodo Dragon
  10. Torch

Steps You Need To Follow

  • Type in the URL bar Vivaldi://extensions/
  • Go to the addon, and tap on details
  • Scroll down to “Allow in Incognito”, turn it on


Can We Use Extension In Incognito Mode?

Yes, you can use the extension in Incognito Mode. In chrome and Chromium-based browsers you have to visit your extension settings from the extension manager, and then allow it for Incognito mode. In Firefox & Safari extension are enabled in private mode automatically.

Does Incognito Disable Extensions?

Yes, in Chrome and Chromium-based browsers, add-ons are by default disabled for Incognito mode. But Firefox & Safari do not do that.

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