How to Tell if XNSPY is on My Phone?

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Are you trying to figure out that if XNSPY is on your phone or not? If yes this post will tell you how you can find out if XNSPY is your phone or not.

How to Tell if XNSPY is on My Phone

Device monitoring apps have long been in circulation and go as far back as the ancient relics we now charmingly call “dumbphones.” These had their own versions of the traditional monitoring app and were marketed as spying tools.

These used open Bluetooth connections to connect to a device and scour its contents for any incriminating files to download.

Just how these apps could lay bare all multimedia files complete with separate folders was astonishing for the time. Unthinkable even. But they had their fair share of issues. Bluetooth is the most obvious one.

Bluetooth has enabled a whole host of smart device interoperability but back then, no AirPods or Galaxy watches existed to connect phones with. The technology was instead the most efficient way of data transferring at the time, which is what created the back door for the spy apps to exploit in the first place.

Fast forward a decade and you’ve got intelligent and highly capable apps building on the same formula. But instead of short-wave frequencies like Bluetooth, these apps live on the device as a hidden app that slowly gathers all data being processed on the device and uploads it to a cloud for the monitor to view. Xnspy is one great example of such a spy app for Android and iPhone.

What Is XNSPY?

Xnspy is a remote monitoring application that is marketed to both parents and employers. The app supports both Android and iOS devices—including phones and tablets—and has a vast array of features to boot.

The monitoring application can track social media apps and instant messengers and covers the basics with the popular entries. Everything from Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram to iMessage, WhatsApp, and Kik are supported.

Dating apps can be monitored and so can email clients. This spy app for Android also has geolocation features that can pinpoint the exact location of the device and has recently added ambient recording too. This allows the user to hear and record the surroundings of a phone.

What Makes it Undetectable?

To the question, “can someone install spyware on my phone remotely?”, the answer is a resounding “no.” Xnspy’s installation doesn’t yet allow for remote installation, at least in the case of Android phones and jailbroken iPhones. This means that the device would be required physically to get the initial installation underway.

But once the APK file has been downloaded and installed, the app works silently in the background without so much as an icon to indicate its presence on the phone.

The “Apps” menu in the device’s settings also cannot locate the APK file after installation. This is why most users would have no way of knowing if Xnspy is running in the background.

The situation flips when we bring in iPhones. Jailbroken iPhones have a similar installation method as Android. Regular iPhones can be monitored with Xnspy by providing the application an iCloud account with its login credentials.

The app then pulls all the backed-up and saved data from the iCloud account onto its servers and displays it for the monitor.

Due to its discreet installation and operation, Xnspy can be incredibly difficult to locate on a phone. But there are ways with which you can narrow down your search significantly.

How to Know if XNSPY is Installed on Your Phone?

There are four Ways to Know if XNSPY is Installed on Your Phone, and we have been listed those methods below.

While monitoring and spying apps can be difficult to target and highlight on a phone, there do exist certain telltale signs that can hint towards their presence.

We’ll also be discussing a few tools that can find them for you with great accuracy, and one surefire way of getting rid of any spying apps for sure.

Method 1: Is Data Use Higher Than Normal?

Keeping an eye on your data expenditure on a monthly or weekly basis can help you identify the presence of a spy app on your phone. Since Xnspy works by uploading data to its servers, this would entail a lot of data consumption.

It is easier to check for mobile data being used for this purpose as these are usually capped. If you’re suddenly finding yourself consuming more data than usual, or burning through your monthly cap, chances are that you have Xnspy on your phone.

Downloading a data consumption app can be a great way of keeping tabs on the exact amount of data being used, and the apps that use it.

Method 2: Is Your Phone Dying Sooner Than Normal?

Most spy apps for Android and iPhones are battery hogs. This is because they’re constantly running in the background and pulling data from the device. Data harvesting and uploading is an incredibly intensive task for any device’s processor, and in turn, its battery

This is especially the case as Xnspy uses data networks or wifi to upload data. A phone’s antennae when constantly in use can also cause overheating, and all of these factors result in abnormal battery drainage. 

If your device isn’t lasting you as long as it did a week or two ago, then along with investigating other reasons, you should also be looking at a spying app on your phone.

While it is true that battery degradation is very common and expected as phones age, sudden and significant drainage shouldn’t happen.Keep an eye on the battery health indicator on Android and iPhones to rule out battery degradation as the cause.

Method 3: Are Apps Crashing Randomly?

Xnspy monitors a wide range of applications and device features, as we mentioned earlier. Most of these apps are social media, instant messengers, and email clients.

If you notice random glitches in operation or frequent crashes on any of the apps spied on by Xnspy, chances are you’ve got it running on the phone.

This usually happens because Xnspy needs to pull data from the app libraries. Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and the rest just aren’t built to handle all that traffic at once.

So if you notice abnormal behavior in any of these, you’ve probably got Xnspy. While this is admittedly rare, as Xnspy has had numerous optimizing fixes, it can be one area to look out for any potential signs.

Method 4: Antivirus Apps and Scanners

The best way of knowing if your phone has Xnspy installed on it is by performing a deep scan of the device. The popular narrative has long been that mobile devices do not require antivirus and antimalware software, but in the case of spying apps, this is far from true.

Antivirus apps are the best method of knowing for sure if your device is behaving abnormally or is outright running an Xnspy instance in the background.

Any of the popular antivirus software from the Google and Apple app stores can be of great help in this case. Some of the considerations would be Norton Antivirus, Avast Antivirus, and AVG Security and Virus Cleaner.

These apps look for malicious apps and bugs that may be harvesting data or causing unnecessary battery drain. Some may even point towards the existence of the app in question.

How To Remove XNSPY from your Phone?

Once you’re sure you have Xnspy on your phone, your next step would be to remove it and all its files from your device. But for many, this is easier said than done.

Due to the subtle and hidden nature of Xnspy, it can be downright impossible to locate where in the phone it is installed and uninstallation can proceed. This is why the only way to delete Xnspy from your phone is to perform a hard reset.

How To Hard Reset Your Device?

A hard reset is computer and device jargon for a software reinstall. iPhone devices come with this feature buried in the settings which revert the device to its factory settings. In most Android phones, this option is labeled as “Factory Reset” and performs the same function. 

A hard reset deletes all apps, media, songs, app data, cache, and accounts that may be present on your phone. It can also take a while to execute depending on the phone you’re using and isn’t preferred by many.

Not only do hard resets completely wipe all data from your phone, but they can also reset all settings that may be applied by you. This means the months of setting up and personalization you’ve done essentially go to waste.

It is important to backup all data before you hard reset your phone to remove Xnspy and save any information that may not be saved on the cloud or on physical drives. Once performed, Xnspy and all its contents are successfully removed from the phone or tablet.

We hope this post has been helpful if you’re looking to remove Xnspy from your phone. We’d love to hear what you think might help in identifying Xnspy or deleting it in the comments below!

Popular Xnspy FAQs

Is Remote Installation of Xnspy Possible?

Xnspy and any other application cannot be installed without having physical access to the device you want to install it on. Most people think that applications can be loaded onto phones without them knowing, and from a world away. But that is simply not true. Apps need to be manually downloaded from app stores or sideloaded as APK files. But non-jailbroken iPhones are the exception as to spying on them, all you need are the iCloud credentials the device is linked to.

How Easily Can Someone Install Xnspy on My Phone?

Xnspy is fairly simple to download and install. On Android phones, an APK file can be easily downloaded and installed. This entire process can be up to a few minutes long, depending on how quickly your internet downloads the app. If you’re wondering how to spy on someone’s phone without installing an app, currently, your best bet would be to link an iOS device using iCloud credentials to Xnspy. 

What Are Spy Applications Disguised as?

Most spying applications are disguised as ordinary apps. Some free versions aren’t well-hidden at all and are labeled as “Spy Camera” or “Spy App” on the phone. One’s that have had a bit of extra development time devoted to them, are clever with the labeling techniques. These can have app icons and names of any app, and can even pose as system apps. But Xnspy isn’t visible on the phone at all, which sets it apart from the rest. The app doesn’t show up in the detailed app settings either.

Is it Safe to Use Xnspy?

Yes, Xnspy is completely safe to use. The company has its own proprietary servers where information is temporarily stored. These servers are hosted on secure channels too and are regularly maintained for complete security. Users also have access to any tracked information for 30 days, after which the server automatically deletes it. This ensures that neither Xnspy nor a third party can have access to personal information and data.

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