How to find and watch your Amazon Prime Video purchases on any device?

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After the purchase of any title from the Prime Video, you can see that title in the “Purchased & Rental” tab under your Prime video account.

If you are using Prime Video on the Smart TV, then many Smart TV brands put the purchased prime video title on the home screen. 

If you are unable to see your purchased or rental title on the home screen of your smart tv, then go to your Prime Video account settings & and visit the Purchased & Rental section.

The process to find your purchased & rental title for the prime video is the same in all of the devices. But if still, you struggle, then in the post, I am going to tell you the steps by steps guide to find and watch your Amazon Prime Video purchases on any device.

Amazon Prime Video purchases On Desktop Web Browser

  • Open Prime Video
  • Tap on the profile icon from the top right corner
  • Tap My Stuff or account
  • Tap Purchase & Rental

Amazon Prime Video purchases On Mobile App (Android, IOS)

  • Open Prime Video app
  • Tap on the My Stuff from the bottom menu
  • Tap on the Purchased tab

Amazon Prime Video purchases On Smart TV, Roku, Etc

Open Prime Video

Tap on the My Stuff, or see the “Purchase & Rental” tab on the home screen

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

If I Buy A Season Of A Show On Amazon Prime, Does It Expire, Or Do I Get To Keep It?

If you buy any title on Prime Video, it will never expire, and you can watch it anytime, for as many times as you want.

In case if you rented any title, then it will expire once the rental period is up.

But your content may become unavailable in the future due to potential content provider licensing restrictions or for other reasons, and Amazon will not be liable to you if Purchased Digital Content becomes unavailable for further download or streaming.

What Happens If I Buy A Movie On Amazon Prime?

Once you buy any title on the prime video, it gets added to your account. Just go to the “my stuff” section on your Prime Video account, and check under the Purchase & Rental section. Your purchased title stays in your account forever until you cancel your prime subscription.

How Many Times Can I Watch A Rented Movie On Amazon Prime?

Your rented prime video will stay in your account till 30 days of the rental period. Once you start watching the video, you have to finish the video in 48 hours of period. And you can watch your rented title as many times as you want in 48 hours of period.

Why Are Some Movies Not On Amazon’s Prime Video And Must Be Ordered?

Not all of the movies and TV shows are free to watch on the prime video because of the licensing and distributing agreement between Amazon and the creator/producer. If the movie is not available to play for free, then you can buy or rent that title.

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