How To Fix If “Audible App Is Crashing For Android Or IOS”?

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I have noticed many people are complaining about the Audible App crashing on their phone or kindle device. In this post, I am going to tell you the possible fixes to help troubleshoot the Audible Keep Crashing issue.

In order to fix the issue, try the following solutions,

  • Turn off “ALLOW AUDIBLE TO ACCESS – Media & Apple Music” on IOS
  • Close all of the apps on your phone along with Audible, and open Audible again
  • Clear cache & data for Audible
  • Restart your smartphone
  • Uninstall & Reinstall the Audible
  • Re-download the Audiobook, if the app is crashing while opening any specific audiobook
  • At last contact the Audible Support for the better help
Audible App Is Crashing For Android Or IOS

Troubleshoot To Fix Audible App Is Crashing For Android, IOS

1. Turn off “ALLOW AUDIBLE TO ACCESS – Media & Apple Music” on IOS

If you are an IOS user, then there are huge chances that this will be the reason for the problem you are facing.

In Reddit, a user mentioned that after Turning off “ALLOW AUDIBLE TO ACCESS – Media & Apple Music” on IOS, it fixed the app crashing issue.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Go to all apps
  • Go to Audible
  • Turn off “ALLOW AUDIBLE TO ACCESS – Media & Apple Music”

2. Close And open Audible again

Close all of the minimize apps on your smartphone along with the Audible, and try to open Audible again to see if it fixes the issue. 

3. Check Update For Audible

  • Go to your apps store
  • Search for the Audible
  • Look if it’s showing the option to update; if not, then it means your app is already up to date

4. Check Update For Smartphone

Go to your phone settings, and check for your phone’s update under the about. If there is any update pending then, please update it.

5. Clear cache & data for Audible

Clearing Audible’s stored cache & data can also let the issue be fixed.

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Go to the all apps section
  • Choose Audible
  • Tap Storage
  • Clear data and Cache one after another

Check if this fixes the issue.

6. Restart your smartphone

After cleaning the Audible’s cache & data, please try restarting your phone to see if it helps in fixing the issue.

7. Uninstall & Reinstall the Audible

Note: if you Uninstall the Audible, it will remove any downloaded titles and those labeled as “Finished.” You may re-download any titles at any time and mark them again as “Finished.”

  • Tap & hold the app icon to get the option for update
  • Uninstall the Audible
  • Go to apps store
  • Install the Audible again, and log in to your account

8. Re-download the Audiobook if the app is crashing while opening any specific audiobook

If your Audible app is crashing for opening any specific Audiobook, then please remove that Audiobook from your device and download that again.

  • Open Audible
  • Go to your library
  • Tap on the Three Don icon option just after the Audiobook
  • Tap Remove from device
  • Close the app
  • Open the app again
  • Go to your library page
  • Tap on the start download the Audiobook

9. Contact the Audible Support

As per my research, these are the most common solutions to fix the Audible App crashing issue, but in case these troubleshooting methods are unable to fix the problem. Then please contact Audible Support for better help.

Temporary Solutions

If, even after all the efforts, you are unable to fix the issue, then try listening to your Audible Book through their cloud player.

To use Audible Cloud Player, you have to use a desktop or laptop. Just open from your desktop browser-> login to your account, tap on library from menu -> tap listen now from the Audiobook.

FAQS | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Audible Stopping When Screen Locks On iPhone

Please check update for the Audible, also try “Turn OFF Allow Audible to Access Media & Apple Music”. As per the instructions share by the Audible you also try reseting your IOS. Also If the Background App Refresh permission is ON, turn it OFF and attempt to launch the app.

2. Audible Stopping When Screen Locks On My Android

Check update for the Audible, try restarting your Android, check background app permissions for the Audible in the settings.

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