How To Fix If “Dish Joey Not Connecting To Internet”?

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Joey Not Connecting To Internet

Joey is basically a TV receiver that connects to the Hopper DVR, and it helps you access your recording on DVR from any room in your home. Joey provides a hopper-friendly interface in which you can watch the shows, and record them.

Sometimes you may face some issues when your Joey is not getting connected to the internet or Joey is connected to the internet but there is no stability in the network.

If you are facing any of these issues then follow the article to know the reason behind it and also the best ways to fix this issue.

Why “Joey Not Connecting To The Internet”?

  • Joey can face internet issues due to some temporary glitches in the device.
  • You have placed Joey too far away from the Hopper.
  • There are damaged or loose cables.
  • There can be some issues with the internet.

How To Fix If “Joey Not Connecting To The Internet”?

Fix 1: Power Cycle Joey & Hopper

  • Power cycling the device helps it to start fresh from the beginning.
  • Unplug Joey & Hopper from the electricity outlet.”
  • After one minute plug in Hopper back to the power outlet, and power it on.
  • Once the Hopper is fully powered on, plug in the joey to the power outlet and turn it on too.
  • Now check if doing this resolves the issue.

Fix 2: Check All The Cables

  • Whenever you are facing internet connection issues or fluctuation on the Internet, always check your cables.
  • A damaged or loosened Cable can cause serious interruptions in your internet connection.
  • Unplug all the cable and check them from one end to another to check if it is damaged or loosened.
  • If you find any faulty wire, replace it with a new one.
  • If you find loose wire, insert it properly.

Fix 3: Joey is too far away from the Hopper:

Internet issues can occur if you have placed joey far away from the hopper.

  • To check the distance, press the SAT button on the remote.
  • Keep pressing it until the light starts blinking.
  • Once it starts blinking, release the SAT button and go closer to the joey.
  • Once you are closer to Joey and you can hear beeps once per second if the distance is huge between them.
  • If you find this is the case then for better connectivity, bring Joey and Hopper closer.

Fix 4: Check Internet Connectivity

Internet issues can also cause the issue. And to confirm if the internet is working fine or not. Connect the wifi with another device and check if the other device is working or not.

If your Wi-FI is not working, then try Power Cycling The Router. To power cycle, the router, Unplug the power cable of the router from the outlet.

Wait for 1 minute, then plug in the Power cord back to the outlet.

Now connect the joey to the WIFI and check if it is working or not. If not then please contact your WI-FI service provider to help you resolve the issue.

Fix 5: Wifi Connectivity Issue

  • Sometimes WI-FI works fine but it doesn’t connect with your device properly.
  • So disconnect joey from the WI-FI connection and use the ethernet cable directly.
  • Ethernet cables give strong connectivity and uninterrupted internet performance with strong signals.
  • Check if the Ethernet cable is giving proper internet connection to joey, if it is giving proper connection then contact your WI-FI service provider for the complaint of wireless internet.

Fix 6: Check Network Settings

  • Sometimes Internet connection works fine but our internal internet settings play the role of the culprit.
  • If your internet is working fine on other devices then set your internet settings manually.
  • The other reason for manual setting is, joey supports specific network settings and automatic settings might disturb the internet connection on joey.
  • Kindly follow all the internet settings manually on your device. And if you don’t know how to do this, then contact the manufacturer.

Fix 6: Contact Support

Joey works as a receiver and if it is facing any issue, it can impact the performance of all other devices at home. If even after trying all the troubleshoots the joey is not able to connect to the internet then there can be some hardware issues. In such a scenario you must take help from an expert, so call Joey customer support.

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